The best teas for the autumn

The perfect season to enjoy this invigorating drink

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Even if autumn often seems to be much too wet and cold, this part of the year is actually a very nice time. Colorful foliage enchants the landscape and finally you find the peace and quiet to read a good book or relax with a hot cup of tea. Sweet fruits, fragrant herbs and digestible spices give the drink a beguiling aroma and provide new energy. Some ingredients are particularly suitable for the usually cool and stormy season.
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A delicious tea in autumn to relax
When there is dirty weather outside the front door, this is the ideal opportunity to enjoy a soothing cup of tea. Especially for seasons with low temperatures, there are interesting blends with various herbs that can warm you, strengthen your immune system or soothe colds. The typical teas for autumn are refined with spices like cinnamon, anise, cloves and cardamom. The sweetness of oranges and apples gives the hot drink a seductive taste. With the aroma of almonds and other nuts you give the brewed tea an autumnal style.

Ginger tea brings new strength and prevents colds
Ginger tea is a true hero. It smells very aromatic, helps with colds and has an invigorating effect. To prepare a cup with the master of teas, pour boiling water over a few slices of fresh ginger and let it steep for ten minutes. Liquorice, mint, honey and lemon juice spice up the tea optimally and give additional energy.

Herbs for a healthy tea in autumn
A slightly spicy tea made of herbs brings comforting warming moments into the gray cold season and supports health in a very enjoyable way. A combination of different herbs such as fennel, camomile blossoms, aniseed, dead nettle, marigold, lemon balm and ribwort is ideal. Sage, thyme, lime and mallow blossoms also have a soothing effect and provide excellent relief for sore throats.

Chai tea for the cool season
Chai tea is the perfect companion for relaxing moments in autumn. It consists of black tea with ginger and the spices aniseed, Ceylon cinnamon, liquorice, cloves and cardamom, which give it its typical oriental aroma. The addition of chicory root, rooibos and pepper offers a special taste experience. The chai latte with frothed milk is also popular.
The best teas for the autumn - Lavender© Marina / Fotolia

Autumn tea with Rooibos for the immune system
Many contained vitamins and the trace elements copper and magnesium make rooibos tea an ideal hot drink for the autumn. The delicious tea strengthens the immune system and makes the body fit for cold and wet weather. Rooibos tea becomes particularly tasty if you refine it with dried apple slices, cinnamon and some marzipan.

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