Inline skating for beginners

What you have to pay attention to as a beginner in inline skating

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Especially in spring, the sunny and yet still mild weather attracts many people to the fresh air. The good intentions from the beginning of the year are partly long forgotten, but with wonderful weather some people want to do some sports. Inline skating seems to be the ideal activity, but what is the best way to start?
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The right inline skates
As a beginner you can do little wrong when buying inline skates. You do not have to spend money on expenses. One used pair is enough. However, caution is advised here! Check the roller skates for defects and wear. You can replace a torn shoelace, but a faulty holder, with which the shoe is attached to the wheels, can lead to bad falls. Also make sure that the so-called stopper, which is a small rubber brake cube attached to the end of the inline skate, is intact. This is especially important for beginners.

If you only want to try out inline skating, you will be careful anyway, but you should not do without a helmet, elbow, knee and wrist protectors. What many beginners underestimate is the fact that the rollers under their feet are firmly attached to them. If you are going in the wrong direction or going too fast, you cannot simply get off. Falls are therefore quite normal at the beginning. The correct fall technique and protectors will protect you from serious injury. Do not therefore do without them.

The first few metres
In order to be able to really practice this sport as such, you must first of course acquire a safe driving technique. For this purpose it is helpful if you have a wall, a fence or a person next to you on which you can support yourself. Find a smooth and even surface in the fresh air to gain first experiences. You will soon see for yourself how you move around. You use one shoe to roll, with the other you push yourself forward. You are already inline skating.
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Enjoy the ride
Inline skating is a wonderful sport out in the fresh air, which gives a lot of pleasure and keeps you fit. No matter whether you start with this sport as a beginner or have been skating for years, it is fun, you progress quickly and often don't even notice that you are doing sports, burning calories and keeping fit. Inline skating is therefore the ideal leisure activity for anyone who wants to do sports without exerting themselves.

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