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Ants in the house ! What to do?

Effective measures against ants in the house

If insects are inside your own four walls, then for many people this is a reason to take active measures against them. In the case of ants in the house, however, not all measures are equally well suited to achieve long-term success. With the following tips and tricks you can get rid of the unwanted crawling animals quickly and efficiently...

The bearded dragon as a pet

Reptiles are becoming increasingly popular as pets

In addition to dogs and cats, reptiles are becoming increasingly popular as pets. At the top of the popularity scale is the Bearded Dragon. Because these animals are easy to keep in the house, are agile and yet quiet. For many owners these pets have a calming effect on the mind. Towards humans the Bearded Dragon is curious and friendly humans, as long as they are not being harassed...

A rabbit as a pet

You have to keep this in mind

Rabbits and dwarf rabbits are very popular pets for children. They belong to the family of hares. Even if they are often described as easy to care for and undemanding, the keeping of them must nevertheless be designed in a species-appropriate way. Such a small rabbit is sensitive and takes up the free time of all family members. Therefore you should inform yourself exactly about the keeping...

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