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Reptiles are becoming increasingly popular as pets

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In addition to dogs and cats, reptiles are becoming increasingly popular as pets. At the top of the popularity scale is the bearded dragon. Because these animals are easy to keep in the house, are agile and yet quiet. For many owners these pets have a calming effect on the mind. The Bearded Dragon is curious and friendly towards humans, as long as they are not being harassed and the conditions of keeping them are right.
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The different species
Eight different bearded dragon species are offered in German trade. They differ mainly in their size as well as their place of origin and thus also the climatic conditions that should prevail in the terrarium. If you decide to buy a bearded dragon, please inquire about the keeping conditions in advance. Because only with species-appropriate housing and feeding will the animal remain healthy for a lifetime.

And you will have the opportunity to observe your pet in its free time and reduce stress. Before the purchase a terrarium must already be purchased and furnished. This allows the climate to already develop and the temperature and humidity to be right when the new pet moves in. This minimizes the stress when moving in.

Before the purchase
If you are looking for a pet that does little work in keeping it, but can still be very entertaining in your free time, reptiles are the perfect choice. They don't want to go outside several times a day in all weathers and they don't scratch furniture. A terrarium can be set up in the house in almost every room. Even though Bearded dragons are easy to buy, they have certain requirements regarding the size of their habitat and the furnishings.

Basically it can be said that these animals should be bought from a breeder. On the one hand you will get competent advice, which not all sellers in a pet shop can offer, on the other hand these pets are usually more stable, because they are not stressed during the day, for example by the public. Consider further, which sex you prefer. In order to avoid stress and territorial fights, the purchase of a couple or two female animals is particularly suitable for beginners.

Male animals should never be kept in the majority in a terrarium. Otherwise the biting can quickly lead to serious injuries, which can even be fatal. The bearded dragon is a pure ground dweller that does not like to climb high. This makes it easier to observe during leisure time. A warm stone is often climbed for a resting period, but unlike reptiles, no large tree trunks or plants are needed for climbing.

Only a decorative climbing branch should be present in every terrarium to offer more variety especially to smaller and agile bearded dragons and/or young animals. To give these pets enough exercise, the terrarium should not fall below a certain size. For keeping two animals a tank with the dimensions of at least 120x60x60cm is sufficient. But bigger can't hurt either.

Since the Bearded Dragon does not climb intensively, a height sufficient to prevent the animals from burning themselves on the lighting at the highest point of the enclosure is sufficient. This means that a terrarium in the house also fits in places that are unsuitable for a traditional aquarium or small animal cage.

The furniture
The Bearded Dragon is a desert dweller. Therefore, fine-grained toy sand is appropriate for the species. Of course, this must be cleaned thoroughly. The stones must not be too sharp-edged, so aquarium sand or traditional bird sand is only suitable to a limited extent. A heating stone or a heating plate for terrariums helps the animals to regulate their body temperature. This is because the Bearded Dragon - like many other reptiles - can only do this via its ambient temperature.

For cooling down the terrarium should therefore have a shady place, for example a spacious cave. When planting, you should make sure that the plants are non-toxic to these pets. Bearded dragons tend to nibble on greenery. In addition, the plants should of course also be decorative and above all tolerate the special desert climate. Pet shops and literature on the species-appropriate keeping of Bearded Dragons provide information on which plants are suitable.
The bearded dragon as a pet / a bearded dragon© imagebrokermicrostock / depositphotos


The Bearded Dragon is a relatively easy pet to keep, as long as you keep a few things in mind. If kept in a manner appropriate to the species, the animals can reach 8 to 15 years of age. A long time, so a purchase should be well thought out. Apart from a meaningful occupation in your free time, a terrarium has the further advantage that it can be a decorative focal point in your house and make your home somi

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