Which care cream does the modern man need

Whether in your leisure time or at work ?

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While in the past, men's personal hygiene consisted of just washing and shaving, men today attach more importance to their personal hygiene. This does not exclude the use of a good skin care cream. The following article will tell you what you should pay attention to in order to find the right skin care cream for you.
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That's why there is skin care cream for men and women

If you have asked yourself the question whether you can simply use the cream of your girlfriend or wife for personal hygiene, unfortunately this question must be answered with a no. At work and in your free time you should rely on creams that have been specially developed for your male skin. Because men's and women's skin differ in some points.

The reasons for this can be found in the hormone distribution. Men have a skin that is about 20% thicker than that of women. The hormone testosterone is responsible for this. On the other hand, men's skin is more susceptible to injuries because the skin has a higher permeability. Men's skin is also more prone to impurities - especially during puberty, but also in adulthood, as more sebum is produced.

Determine your own skin type
In order to be able to buy the right care cream or rather the right care series for your skin, you should know your own skin type. Your skin type is made up of various factors, such as your age, the oil and moisture content or the sensitivity of your skin. Basically, you can try to classify your skin into the basic skin types. Either you have normal skin: that is, you have no significant problems or feelings of tension, redness or impurities.

In this case you are lucky, but you should of course not do without daily cleansing and care. If, on the other hand, you often have reddened skin, a feeling of tension or itching, then you are most likely prone to dry skin, which therefore needs a lot of moisture. Do you have a shiny skin, many impurities, large pores or even pimples? Then you have an oily skin, your sebaceous glands produce too much fat, thus clogging the pores and creating unloved pimples.

The last skin type is called combination skin: You recognize it by the fact that your T-zone, i.e. the forehead, nose and chin is rather oily and shiny. The area around the eyes or the cheek area is dry. It is often not so easy to determine your own skin type. In this case you should not be afraid to consult a dermatologist, especially if you have serious skin problems or if you are prone to impurities and severe pimples.

How much skin care is generally necessary?

On the one hand, it depends on your skin type, on the other hand you should not over-care for your skin, i.e. cleanse it too much with cleansing milk or toner. For example, if you have a normal skin type, it is sufficient to wash yourself with simple water in the morning, in the evening it may be a cleansing of the skin with a mild face lotion and a light skin care cream.

If, on the other hand, you sweat a lot and tend to have oily skin, you should first wash your skin with warm water in the morning and in the evening so that the pores open up and then cleanse it with a mild facial tonic. Avoid aggressive peelings or cleansers for the skin, as these can cause irritation. In addition, the skin sometimes produces even more sebum.
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What makes a good skin care cream?

If you are looking for a skin care cream, you should definitely take a closer look at the ingredients of the cream. These ingredients should be as similar as possible to human skin to support the cell environment. Therefore, pay attention to ingredients such as cholesterol or ceramides. Especially in spring and summer, it is additionally advantageous to look for a skin care cream with integrated UV protection to prevent skin cancer and premature skin aging.

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