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Choose the right running clothes

How to find the right running clothes

Running is healthy and fun. However, the latter only applies if you make this sport as pleasant as possible. For this you need one thing above all else, in addition to a nice route: high-quality running clothing that fits really well during the sport. You can find out here what criteria you need to select running clothing...

Sports shoes in test - Expensive or cheap

Do sports shoes have to be expensive?

Whether for sports or leisure: perhaps you are also faced with the decision to buy a new sports shoe. This often raises the question of whether the sports shoe should be cheap or expensive. This is a question that often divides the minds. The following text tries to answer this question accordingly: What is important for sports shoes in general? So if you want to go out and buy a sports shoe for...

Advantages of the running leash for dogs

You should keep this in mind with the running leash for dogs

You like to take your dogs outside for a run or a longer walk in your free time? Then a running leash for dogs may well be suitable. It differs from the "normal" dog leash and can make running more pleasant. The following text tells you what you should pay attention to. Do you like to take the dogs outside for a run or a longer walk in your free time? Then a running leash for dogs can be quite...

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