Doing without a mobile phone during Lent

How to do without the smartphone

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Most people associate Lent with giving up food, certain drinks or even vices such as nicotine or alcohol. But what about giving up the smartphone instead? This step is almost unimaginable for many consumers. You can find out here how the plan can be put into practice and what advantages it brings.
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Develop strategies

If you have been feeling that you spend far too much time with digital media for a long time, then you should develop effective strategies against the beginning addiction. To do this, you can first become aware of the times and situations in which you use your mobile phone particularly often. For example, do you like to use your lunch break to view the profiles of your social contacts on various platforms?

Then put the mobile phone away during this time and store it in a place where you are not tempted. Use the time saved to take a walk in the fresh air or to talk to real people face to face. By doing without this you will recover much better than by constantly looking at your mobile phone.

Using fasting for a break from your smartphone
At present, the theme of renunciation and minimalism is particularly frequently represented in the media. Wherever we look, people want to do without things more and more often in a time of absolute material abundance. The official fasting period can be a suitable occasion to renounce not only consumption but also mobile phones. As already indicated above, you first have to observe yourself for this purpose. Whenever you look at your smartphone, you should consider what an adequate substitute for this action might be. If your personal fasting begins, put the smartphone away consistently.

More time and appreciation thanks to renunciation

Abstaining from using your mobile phone during Lent may make you aware of how much of your life time you waste reading news and looking at pictures. In this way, Lent has not only a temporary but also a long-term effect: many people learn to appreciate things more during a period of fasting.
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Perhaps after the strict ban on mobile phone use, you will take a closer look again, become more aware of your environment and wean yourself at least partially from the constant look at your smartphone. The same applies, of course, to the PC and the like - perhaps a period of fasting is worthwhile here too?

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