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The spring cleaning is due and with it the tiresome work of cleaning the windows. For larger apartments and houses, a lot of time must be planned for this. Moreover, cleaning is exhausting. A window cleaning robot can do the job for you. You can clean windows more often without limiting your precious free time.
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The mode of operation
A window cleaning robot creates a negative pressure so that it can hold itself on the glass pane. A power supply is required for this. The device should be battery-operated so that no cable is in the way. Window cleaning robots work with either round or square wiping surfaces. Units with a round wiping surface run over the glass in a wave form, while the wiping surfaces circle around each other.

This works well. However, the corners cannot be cleaned with it, so that manual reworking is necessary. The price is relatively low. Window cleaning robots with a square wiping surface run in parallel paths across the window. When they reach the edge of the window, they change direction and clean the next lane. The wiping result is good, as the corners are also reached. The purchase costs are higher.

The accessories
Window cleaning robots are equipped with everything you need for spring cleaning of windows! Included are the power cable or the cable for charging the battery, a fuse holder with rope and possibly a remote control. Washable microfibre pads are included, but must be replaced as soon as the cleaning result gets worse. It is advisable to keep a small supply.

The application
Cleaning windows with a robot is easy. First you have to moisten the microfibre pads a little bit and attach them or fill up the tank with cleaning agent. The robot can be placed on the lower left corner and switched on. The device needs two seconds to create a negative pressure. Then it starts working and you have free time.

An acoustic signal tells you when the robot has finished its work. After switching off, it can be detached from the glass. After cleaning the windows, check if the windows are cleaned to your satisfaction. If necessary, you can clean the corners with a microfibre cloth. Be sure to read the operating instructions before using the device for the first time! There may be differences depending on the appliance.

The advantages at a glance
Cleaning the windows involves a lot of work. The window cleaning robot takes most of this work off your hands. You can clean your windows much more often and even if you don't have the time. The robot can also reach places that are difficult to reach, so that you do not have to climb a ladder to clean your windows. The operation is simple!

A disadvantage can be the high purchase costs. Also, the cleaning result is not as good as if you would clean the window by hand. But you have more free time.

Is it worth the purchase?
If window cleaning is easy for you or if you only have a few or small windows, it is hardly worth the purchase. However, if you never have time for spring cleaning and window cleaning, a window cleaning robot can be helpful. Even if the effort is too much for you, you don't feel like cleaning windows and they are large and high, you should let an electric window cleaner help you.

The spring cleaning can be done faster and you gain time for other nice things. Apart from that, you can not only have the window cleaning robot clean the windows. Depending on the equipment, the device can also clean the glass shower enclosure, glass doors, horizontal glass surfaces, large glass surfaces in the conservatory and tiles in the bathroom.
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Such elaborate cleaning work is at the expense of your precious free time. You would need hours for it. When buying the device, make sure that it meets your requirements. A simple robot is sufficient to clean the windows. If other smooth surfaces are to be cleaned at the same time, it is worth using a device that is of a higher quality.

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