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How to use shapewear correctly

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There is hardly any underwear shop where you can still get past the so-called shapewear in recent years. This type of underwear is intended to ensure that you can dress yourself in this way at work and in your free time without annoying extra kilos restricting you in any way. Finally wearing the new pencil skirt in the office? The chic cocktail dress? Find out in the following text how you can use the form laundry perfectly in your leisure time.
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What exactly is it about shapewear anyway?
As already mentioned above, this type of underwear was developed to contribute to female body care and well-being. The main purpose of the underwear is to cleverly "cheat away" a few extra pounds without the need for dieting or a gym. For several years now, you have been able to find special stands in the shops that offer shaped underwear. You will notice the difference to "normal" underwear very quickly when you pick up one of the items.

This type of underwear is made of very inflexible, tight material - a circumstance that is intended to make your body adapt to the underwear. Small pads are thus cleverly pushed together. If you like, ladies in previous centuries already had "Shapewear" for body care - in the form of the corset. However, the aim of the underwear is not to "change" your entire body, you can, for example, bring certain body regions or zones such as the stomach or thighs into perfect shape with the shaped underwear and even "cheat away" a dress size.

What should you consider when buying special underwear?
With this special kind of body care, you should take enough time when buying the shaped underwear. A high wearing comfort is especially important here. Since the Shapewear is usually rather "practically" designed, you should not expect too chic pieces. When trying them on, make sure that they fit tightly and comfortably.

Don't be surprised if you feel cramped during the first fitting - this should be the case, as the body is supposed to be shaped. However, make sure that you do not feel "too constricted". If it is very hot outside, you should remember that shapewear makes you sweat more quickly. Most models of shapewear do not have annoying seams, as seams could become visible and rub against your skin.

What types of shapewear are there?
Since every woman has her own "problem zones", you can emphasize or highlight them with different shaped underwear and help your waist to become an hourglass shape. Pants or briefs help you to shape your bottom, thighs or stomach accordingly.

There are also petticoats in different lengths, so that you can conjure up a beautiful silhouette for your evening dress. Here the models are very different. But you can also "shape" the upper body with the help of underwear. For example with tops or corsages that end under your bust and skillfully push it upwards, while some belly pounds are cheated away or the waist is skilfully staged.

You can combine the individual pieces of underwear according to your preferences and thus shape your body to your taste. In addition, the strengths of the underwear can differ - for example medium or strong. Here you should always bear in mind that wearing strong shapewear for too long can have consequences.
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Disadvantages of underwear
You should not wear the mould wash all the time, but rather at selected occasions, as the body is very compressed depending on its thickness. You should also be aware that the underwear cannot "conjure up" a dream figure either, depending on the starting position and body shape it can only show off the body to a limited extent. Therefore you should not expect "miracles".

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