Make creative gift wrappings yourself

Giving joy with individual gift packaging - giving is fun.

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Giving is fun. Even more fun is a self-made packaging, because it makes the gift unique. Gifts can be wrapped creatively and in a variety of ways with just a few means.
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Gift wrapping with material from nature
Natural packaging is ecological and aesthetic. They are the ideal alternative to purchased wrapping paper and convince with an individual character. The gift is embedded in a rectangular or square package, which is wrapped in brown-coloured paper. A round cake base made of cardboard is folded into a triangular bag, reminiscent of a flattened school bag.

Dried flowers and herbs are placed in the upper opening. To prevent the cardboard bag with the herbs from opening, it is placed on top of the gift and tied with a woollen thread that runs once around the entire package. The individual gift is finished in a natural gift box. This idea is perfect for original gifts such as high-quality oils, spices and fine snacks.

Giving special moments
Artfully designed packaging makes the recipient's eyes shine. The gift gets an even more intensive effect when it is combined with personal memories. Pictures, postcards and photos are perfect for creative packaging that is quick and easy to make. The package is wrapped in a single-colour wrapping paper. The colours of the wrapping paper can be based on the shades in the picture.

The photo is placed in the middle of the top and fixed with wide adhesive strips. Alternatively, the photo can be fixed to the paper with adhesive. The result is impressive. The result is a creative gift that can be individually designed with a few means. This gift packaging is suitable for every occasion.

Use textile remnants and covers as gift wrapping
Packaging need not always be made of paper. There are hardly any limits to creativity in handicrafts. What is beautiful is what is fun and conveys a personal touch. A disused pillowcase with a zipper is ideal for larger gifts. For smaller gifts, a smaller cover or fabric remnants should be used so that there is not too much free space in the packaging.
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If the gift is embedded in the pillowcase, it can be made even more beautiful from the outside. Long woolen threads in various colours, large buttons and dry bouquets are suitable for this. The ribbons are stylishly wrapped around the gift and tied tightly with a large bow on the top. At the knot of the bow the button is fastened with another wool thread. The dry bouquet is tucked under the wool ribbons. The unconventional gift is ready.

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