A fresh coat of paint brings momentum to your 4 walls

With new colours you can create a different ambience

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In a new house or apartment the walls are usually painted white when you move in. With decorative wall paints you can give the rooms individuality and create a personal feel-good atmosphere. Maybe you simply want to redesign your four walls, bring a fresh breeze into your home? With new colours you can create a different ambience.
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Wall colours - set great accents with new colours
Wall paints offer endless creative possibilities for changing the whole house. Everything can be changed with colour. You can influence the height of the room, visually expand small rooms, turn seating areas, dining areas and media walls into eye-catchers without having to buy new furniture. You can set the most beautiful accents with contrasts. Paint the wall behind the upholstered corner in a warm, slightly darker shade.

Red tones, purple, brown tones create a cosy atmosphere. The lighter the other walls are painted, the more effectively the colour comes into its own. Silver, black, anthracite, blue create a great background for the media wall with simple, modern furniture and media equipment. High ceilings can be visually lowered by a two to three shade darker than light walls. In large rooms, the high ceiling can be set off with an approximately 10 to 15 cm wide colour bar of a darker colour. Shaded brown creates a great wood look here.

Colours for small rooms
Light colours are generally a good choice for small rooms. Nevertheless, do not forego contrasts. Light-dark contrasts give the room more depth. A wall with extra wide block stripes or gloss effects enlivens the room. As a background for very light furniture you can also choose a coloured wall in a small room. Cool colours such as blue, grey, turquoise and light purple provide visual enhancement and bring a fresh ambience into the room.

High-quality colours - longer pleasure in painting

Quality pays off with the wall paints. The paints should be resistant to wet abrasion and have excellent coverage. The wet abrasion classes are indicated on the paints from 1 to 5 of the EN 13300 standard. Heavily used areas in the house should be painted with class 1 paints, kitchens at least with 2 to 3.
A fresh coat of paint brings momentum to your 4 walls - Renovation© hanohiki / Fotolia

Class 2 to 4 is suitable for living areas. If darker colours are to be painted over lighter, choose colours with the highest opacity. This is also advisable for inhabited rooms and for discoloured white ceilings. Households with children and allergy sufferers should choose wall paints without preservatives. These are available today in the best quality and durability. Smooth out any unevenness on the walls beforehand. The flatter the surface, the more beautiful the new colour shines.

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