Decoration tips for the front door

Beautiful decoration tips for the entrance area and the front door

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A beautifully designed entrance door has an inviting effect on house inhabitants and visitors. It is a beautiful eye-catcher in your residential area. The decoration can be bought or you can make it yourself. In any case it should correspond to your personal taste. With the following decoration tips you can always redesign your entrance area.
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Some colour please
The front door is like a business card. It says a lot about the people who live in the house. A beautifully decorated door is inviting. Next time you come home, take a good look at the front door. If it is rather unobtrusive and boring, a little colour can help. A door painted in an eye-catching colour is an eye-catcher because it creates a striking contrast to the house. If the house already has a strong facade colour, this is not an option. In this case a more subtle decoration is better.

The classics in front of the front door
The doormat is one of the classic decorative elements that is missing from almost every door. It has a practical function, as it prevents dirt from being carried into the house. If the doormat has a beautiful design, entering the apartment is twice as much fun! The doormat can have a special shape, be colourful or decorated with a pattern, motif or saying. For outdoor use, a washable doormat is recommended.

An equally popular classic is the door wreath. It should suit the season or special holidays. Easter, Christmas and Halloween, for example, should be mentioned here. You can also make a wreath for the front door yourself with appropriate decoration tips. Wreath tying is a nice way to go with the seasons. In each season we work with different natural materials and decoration articles. As a basis you need a ring made of wood, metal or styrofoam from the handicraft shop. But you can also make one yourself from a little thicker wire.

You will also need florist's wire for tying and scissors. Start with a wreath of dried flowers, seeds and fruit. It is easy to tie and looks beautiful for a long time. You can use, for example, yarrow, lilac, strawflowers, maidenhair in the green, poppy capsules, thistles and various grasses for handicrafts. Equip your door wreath with a band and hang it on a door hook in the upper part of the door for decoration. An alternative to the door wreath is a door sign with a welcome sign.

Decoration in front of the door
Not only the door leaf, but also the edge areas in front of the door offer space for decoration. Here are numerous decoration tips that you can use as a source of inspiration. At Christmas and in winter, you can decorate the area with a lantern, a wooden sledge, a vase with fir branches and a Christmassy fairy lights chain suitable for outdoor use. The spring welcomes you with a beautiful arrangement of early bloomers in beautifully shaped bowls.

Take advantage of different heights by placing a wooden chair in front of the door! At Easter you can complete your decoration with Easter decorations and a bunch of twigs to hang Easter eggs on. In summer, replace the chair with a small decorative chair and decorate the door landing with flowering perennials in a flower pot. This can be lavender or phlox. For hanging plants like the pelargoniums you can use flower stands or a plant ladder with flower boxes.
Decoration tips for the front door - a beautifully decorated edge area in front of the front door© Jeanette.Dietl / depositphotos

Plants with edible fruits such as strawberries invite you to nibble. Have a look around the garden market! In autumn you can decorate the door with a wreath of wheat ears or make a garland of chestnuts, acorns, walnuts, autumn leaves, dried decorative apples and colourful decorative corn. Place baskets in which you place pots with autumn stars on the landing in front of the house! For Halloween, add hollowed-out pumpkins and place a tealight in them for lighting.

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