Curtain - the draught killer

Thermal curtains - The perfect solution to prevent draught and cold in the house

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Unpleasant radiant cold and draughts can be perfectly prevented in your house by a cleverly installed curtain. So-called thermal curtains not only look good, they also make an important contribution to reducing your energy costs.
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Protect the house from draughts and adverse weather
Visually, curtains of this type look like conventional fabrics, but have a special weave or coating on the inside or back. This makes the textile materials cold-, heat- and light-repellent. This means that in the winter months precious warmth is kept in the living rooms. In summer, however, intensive solar radiation and heat is shielded.

In this way, you can make significant savings on energy costs with little effort. The curtains are suitable for every room - but especially for large window areas such as terraces or balcony doors. Thermal curtains also have a highly positive effect on the acoustics of a room, dampening noise and creating a cosy atmosphere.

A perfectly fitting curtain with yard goods
With a curtain of solid fabric you can create a very effective and inexpensive thermal insulation on doors and windows. Unpleasant thermal bridges, which often occur at porches and house or apartment doors, can be avoided. The curtain proves to be particularly effective for pergolas and apartment buildings if there is no staircase in front of the apartments.

Heat curtains are available in stores and online already finished sewn and provided with appropriate eyelets and hanging devices. You can have the curtain cut and sewn individually for the respective windows and doors at several suppliers. The various fabrics are also available as yard ware and are easy to process - normal tailor's scissors and a standard sewing machine are sufficient.

Insulated all around the house - tips for attaching the thermal curtains
In order for a curtain made of thermo material to fulfil its purpose in the best possible way, there are a number of aspects to be considered during production and installation. These include exact measurement of the height and width of doors and windows. In order to effectively store the heat in the room and keep out draughts thoroughly, the fabric should reach as far as possible to the ceiling and floor.
Curtain - the draught killer© navintar / Fotolia

The wider the fabric is worked, the more wrinkles appear. This increases the thermal insulation effect. As a lot of fabric is required, you should choose a curtain rod that is suitably stable and mount it carefully and securely over the window frame or door frame. Draughts and cold rays are well prevented if the entire surface of the door or window sections is covered with the curtain. Particularly in the area of window doors (balcony/patio doors) the curtain must be laid tightly to the floor so that any unevenness in the floor is compensated Draughts have no chance.

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