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Choose the right floor covering for your home

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The floor covering is one of the most important components of a house or apartment, next to the furnishings. It contributes significantly to the attractiveness of the home and also has a major influence on the climate, footfall sound insulation and the amount of cleaning required. For this reason, you should think carefully about which floor covering to choose for a newly built house or in the course of a renovation.
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Cork floor
As cork is a natural material, it radiates warmth and provides a pleasant walking sensation, especially for barefoot people. Allergy sufferers benefit particularly from the easy-care properties of this floor covering, because the room climate is improved by moisture-regulating properties. However, the 4 to 6 millimetre thick cork is very sensitive to large amounts of water. You should therefore be careful when cleaning. Children or pets can also damage the sensitive material.

Parquet flooring
Parquet floors stand for exclusivity, luxury and cosiness. Due to the many different types of wood and grains, there is a suitable parquet variant for every taste. However, the surface of a parquet floor is sensitive to scratches and water. Even a high-quality sealant cannot do much against the sharp claws of cats or dogs. A further disadvantage is the relatively high price of parquet flooring. In the meantime, there are also cheaper versions, but these are not comparable with high-quality wooden floors.

Laminate flooring
Laminate is the "little sister" of parquet. This floor covering is much cheaper - both in terms of purchase and installation in the house. In addition, laminate is hard-wearing and very easy to care for due to its insensitivity to water. Sanding is not possible, however. Another negative aspect: the effect of footfall sound is quite high. This often makes additional insulation necessary.

Tiles are regarded as particularly durable and robust. Especially in households with small children or pets, tiles are essential, at least in the kitchen and bathroom. This floor covering withstands even aggressive cleaning agents as well as dog or cat urine. However, tiles are very sensitive to strong impacts. Since tiles come in many different designs, sizes and shapes, this floor covering is also very attractive for individualists.

PVC or Vinyl
Although this floor is suitable for allergy sufferers due to its robustness, PVC and vinyl are not completely harmless to health. Sometimes softeners are used, which can be absorbed through the lungs or skin. PVC and vinyl also have a poor environmental balance. Heavy furniture leaves pressure points on a PVC floor if it is not sufficiently protected.
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Carpets are considered rather unsuitable for allergy sufferers. Carpets in bedrooms radiate cosiness and are pleasant when walking barefoot, especially during the cold season. Carpets are also available in all imaginable colours and structures. However, make sure that they are of high quality so that they do not contain any dangerous softeners. The good heat and footfall sound insulation is also a positive factor.

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