Warm bed linen in winter - Which materials are the best?

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Winter has its beautiful sides: Snowball fight, glittering sunbeams or the tingling feeling on the skin after a winter walk. Less beautiful are cold hands, clammy feet and a chill all over your body. The thought of your own bed with cuddly bed linen makes you feel warm. The right bed linen ensures a restful sleep even in winter, because the material of the duvet cover changes with the rhythm of the year.
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Bed linen has special properties in winter!
When the temperature in the house drops during the cold season, the call for warm and cuddly bed linen becomes loud. However, it is not enough for the material used to keep you warm exclusively, because then sweating is unavoidable. An optimal winter linen for the bed keeps you warm on the one hand and on the other hand absorbs moisture and provides sufficient ventilation. This balances the sleeping climate and allows for a restful sleep. Of course, the bed linen must first and foremost feel good on the skin.

A high-quality material is a prerequisite for this, but the workmanship and type of fabric quality must also meet individual requirements. Those who like to rest in bed in their free time will prefer other types of fabric, like the person sleeping in a cool house. People with a high need for warmth will tend to prefer cuddly materials, people with an affinity for luxury will like the silky, smooth covers, while pragmatists will prefer year-round bed linen that is both cooling and warming at the same time.

Versatile material for individual sleeping needs!
Thanks to the different processing of high-quality cotton and microfibre, the individual need for warmth, cuddliness, smoothness or comfort can be met. Nevertheless, the bed linen is breathable, feels good on the skin and is easy to care for. The most popular material for bed linen in winter is flannel. The light cotton fabric is woven in a body weave, then roughened and sanded to give it its velvety soft surface structure.

Although flannel creates a warming, cuddly and soft feel, the material is temperature-regulating. Beaver bed linen has a similar texture to flannel. Here the cotton is roughened on one or both sides by a fulling process. This creates air pockets between the fabric fibres, which warm up during sleep and thus ensure a warm but balanced sleeping climate. Flannel and beaver are moisture-absorbing, absorbent and are considered ideal winter bedding. Terry cloth is also warming, climate-regulating and cuddly.

The loop structure of the material insulates air, which results in a warming function in winter and a cooling function in summer. If you want to keep your house at an even temperature, terry cloth is the ideal bedding for the whole year. The knitted fabric jersey can also be used all year round, but its temperature-regulating properties keep you pleasantly warm in winter too. Of course, silk, linen, seersucker or satin can also be used for the duvet cover in winter. However, these materials keep you less warm and are better suited as a cooling alternative in the summer months.

Bring your leisure time as a motif on the bed linen!
A walk in the winter, a fun toboggan run or the beauty of the winter landscape: Whatever is fun in your free time can also count as a motif for bed linen in the winter. Winter motifs provide inner warmth through their appearance. At the same time, winter bed linen also convinces with classic, trendy and timelessly modern illustrations and designs. Combined with the warm materials of the linen, they ensure great winter dreams and restful sleep.

The winter motifs are also particularly popular when the bed linen is used as a blanket replacement in leisure time. Make yourself comfortable in your apartment or house, relax on the sofa, cover yourself with your winter bed linen and enjoy the cold season and the cuddly feeling under the winter bedding.
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Winter bed linen is available in all sizes!
The variety of materials, creative motifs and different uses of winter duvet covers are as manifold as the sizes of the covers. Whether small or large sleepers, pillow or duvet cover: winter bed linen is available in all standard sizes so that the cuddly and warm feeling can be experienced every night.

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