A wasps' nest at the house - what to do?

How to behave properly

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In summer, life usually takes place not only in the house, but of course also in the garden. Unfortunately, uninvited visitors are often attracted: wasps. However, wasps can not only be uninvited guests when eating and drinking, but can also build a whole wasp nest around the house. The following article tells you what to do in this case and how to behave in an ideal case.
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Wasps' nest at the house: That can help
Whether directly next to the entrance door or in the shed: wasps' nests basically find many places around the house and around the house where they can settle down. If the animals live directly next to the entrance door, they generally behave particularly aggressively.

This is because the wasps do not like the banging of the door and the vibrations when opening and closing it. In this case, the wasps' nest should be carefully removed from the ceiling by a professional using a dustpan. Afterwards they can be relocated without any problems.

Wasps' nest on the house: Always keep calm
In many cases, the wasps' nest can actually stay in place. After all, the insects are urgently needed when pollinating the plants. Moreover, wasps never return to their nest a second time, but look for a new home next spring or summer. Are you annoyed by numerous wasps at the table?

Don't worry, because wasps can be easily lured away from the table with simple means. All you have to do is cut open the grapes and place the plate of grapes a little way from your table, distracting the wasps and drawing them away from your table. Contrary to popular belief, only two of the six native wasp species go on sweet dishes.

How to deal with wasps properly

In principle, each nest should be preserved or relocated if possible, because the insects are becoming fewer and fewer and run the risk of becoming fewer and fewer in the near future or of becoming completely extinct at some point. If you have also found a nest on your house, you should consult an expert immediately and not try to remove the nest yourself, as this can be dangerous.
A wasps' nest at the house - what to do - Wasps' nest© photo 5000 / Fotolia

You should also avoid hitting the animals, as this makes wasps aggressive. As long as the nest has not been removed or relocated, you should avoid colourful clothing, perfumed creams or perfumes if possible, as wasps are attracted to them. Also, cover up outdoor food and bring it directly into the house after a meal.

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