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An own hobby workshop inspires productive and creative work. Repair and handicraft work in the house and garden can be easily done by yourself with the appropriate battery tools. This is not only fun: it is also inexpensive. The clever tools are handy, effective and economical. Battery-powered tools take up little space and support your Smarthome in everyday life as well as in your leisure time.
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Flexible, powerful and inexpensive: battery tool
Fulfil your wish for your own hobby workshop in your own home at the latest. Cellar room, garage, shed, wooden house or hobby room: Surely there is a place for the new workbench. Would you like to design your own project? To be able to tackle all the work, the most important equipment must be ready to hand. In addition to working materials, you as a do-it-yourselfer need functional tools. There is a large selection at the DIY store or online shop. Therefore, before buying, the necessity, the field of application, advantages and disadvantages as well as the acquisition costs must be carefully considered. Electrical appliances that are independent of the mains supply are called battery-powered tools. These practical small tools work with an accumulator and have many advantages.

The advantages
Advanced battery technologies have high performance, long operating times and are particularly flexible in use. Today's batteries are equipped with lithium-ion technology. These modern power storage devices do not discharge when not in use and have become lighter and more powerful. For the hobby workshop, the battery tools convince with a very good price-performance ratio.
Rechargeable tools are significantly cheaper than comparable wired tools. The handy everyday helpers are ergonomically shaped, lighter than conventional electrical appliances and have non-slip handles. The tool works quietly, is extremely flexible and variable. The independence from the mains makes annoying extension cables superfluous. The cables do not get stuck anywhere and you can reach even corners that are difficult to access.

Which cordless tool is really worthwhile?
A solid cordless screwdriver should not be missing in any hobby workshop. The screwdriver is used wherever screws have to be tightened or loosened. In addition to finer working screwdrivers, the cordless screwdriver performs efficient services. Whether you assemble or dismantle a piece of furniture, hang curtains, blinds or pictures, redesign or decorate your home: The cordless screwdriver is quickly at hand and reliable. The universal tool should have a power output of at least 10 volts and be light and compact. Ideally, the screwdriver has different bits. Bits are corresponding attachments, which usually have coloured markings and are used for the respective types of screws.

Tools for do-it-yourselfers
A drill also belongs in every good hobby workshop. With a powerful cordless screwdriver, from about 18 volts, you can drill holes. The cordless drill, which ideally has a high rotational and impact speed, is also suitable for more power-intensive drilling in masonry, stone or concrete. Passionate craftsmen also need a saw for woodwork. The hand-guided cordless jigsaw ensures that no cable obstructs the cut. With it, even curved cutting lines are effortless.

With the electric tool you can make precise freehand cuts indoors and outdoors. For sawing metal or for long-term or larger projects, a wired circular saw or table saw is more suitable. The advantage: You are not interrupted by charging processes. The saw works reliably and efficiently. A cordless angle grinder grinds and brushes different materials such as aluminium, steel, tiles or stone. The small battery-powered angle grinder gets into tight angles as well as behind stair railings or door handles.

Multitool - For smaller jobs
The multi-function tool, or Multitool for short, has a fast rotating electric motor. The adapter in the tool head can accommodate various attachments. This makes this tool ideally suited for sawing, grinding, polishing and drilling. For smaller projects and work, one battery-powered multi-function tool is sufficient and replaces several individual tools.

Battery tool for leisure gardeners
ou want to cut branches in your garden? The reciprocating saw is an appropriate battery tool for this purpose. Cable-bound reciprocating saws usually get stuck in branches and only have a limited reach. For leisure gardeners, however, battery-powered lawnmowers are worthwhile. The handy lawnmower is independent of extension cables and sockets. With the battery mower, you can easily get under hedges or bushes, into remote corners and over rough or hilly terrain. Lawn edges can also be cut perfectly and accurately.
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Completing the hobby workshop for all-rounders
Hot glue guns are ideal companions for hobbyists and tinkerers as well as for do-it-yourselfers or model builders. Cordless cordless battery-powered tool hot-melt adhesives score points with mobile application possibilities and a short heat-up time. However, the models are heavier than corded glue guns. For the smooth and quick fastening of cardboard, foils, fabrics or wood, complete your hobby workshop with a cordless tacker. All listed battery tools can usually be purchased in a complete set at a lower price.

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