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Whether it's increased heating, conflicts or evaporation from electrical appliances: there are many factors that cause the proverbial "thick air" in your own four walls and worsen the indoor climate. Can air washers, air conditioning or nebulisers help? Before reaching for the next electronics brochure, it makes sense to consider an alternative and cheaper solution: the use of houseplants.
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Greening the house - useful or a waste of time?
The first question to be addressed is whether a plant is able to keep up with or outperform modern technology. In short: yes. Provided that it is cared for and used properly. It is not necessarily decisive whether you have a "green thumb", because the effort involved is rather small, both in terms of time and money.

What astronauts and house plants have in common
The idea of using indoor plants for a better indoor climate came from the US Federal Space Agency (NASA). In the course of the "Clean Air Study", plants are tested to improve the indoor climate and atmosphere.

Which plants are suitable for your house - and where caution is required
The first one is the common ivy (Hedera helix). It is not only common in cemeteries and monasteries, but is also increasingly growing and thriving in and around houses. It effectively binds toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde in the air. At the same time it tolerates heat and dry air rather less. Especially in autumn and winter, it will thank you for a cool hallway or entrance area.

Important: Common ivy is poisonous in all parts! When cutting, make sure to wear gloves and keep dog and cat at a distance. Another very effective plant is the Peace Lily (also called single leaf). With its white leaf flags it has a very aesthetic effect and is also easy to care for. It binds almost all pollutants from the air, but has one disadvantage: it is also poisonous for pets!

Allergy sufferers should also be careful. Just as effective and no less attractive: the chrysanthemum. Like the Peace Lily, it filters the majority of all known pollutants from the air and brings colour into your home with its bright flowers.
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As it is also poisonous, you should also keep pets and children away. With all the plants listed, watering should be done sparingly. If in doubt, you can check the soil with your thumb: When the top 3 cm have dried out, you can water moderately. Harmless for pets or children are for example the holly (Rhapis excelsa), the dwarf date palm (Phoenix roebelenii) or the sword fern (Nephrolepis).

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