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Flying has always fascinated people

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Flying has always fascinated mankind. Birds can do it and we've always wanted to. Even before the plane came, people had the idea of pumping hot air into a balloon large enough to carry one or more people. The balloon ride was born. And today, ballooning has become a popular leisure activity.
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A balloon ride
Jules Verne made ballooning really popular. In his novel "Around the World in 80 Days", the protagonists plan to circumnavigate the earth with the help of a balloon, among other things, in order to win a bet. Today, hundreds of balloons go up every day to enable people to fly balloons in their leisure time. Where can you launch a balloon? Balloon flights can be taken from any place that is level, not near an airport or power lines.

All over Germany there are various launch sites, but the number of these varies from state to state. For example, NRW has 58 launch sites, Bavaria has 71, but Thuringia only 11 launch sites. It is important that the starting and landing conditions are good. The Elbe meadows in Dresden, for example, are a popular starting point, as here the balloon can be inflated at leisure while the guests and onlookers wait for the balloon to take off into the air.

This allows a calm and stress-free launch, as nothing could disturb the flight path of the balloon. But also other meadows or fields are suitable for a launch in order to be able to fly balloons in leisure time. Here one is hardly restricted and an offer of the different sites is presented on the internet, depending on the home town. It is possible in every federal state.
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What is to be observed?
First of all, you should find out exactly which company offers the flight. It also makes sense to find out about the pilot in advance. How long has he been flying? How many flights does he make per year ? You don't want to spend your free time in an amateur's aircraft. It can also be useful to inquire about the duration of the flight if you are not completely free from giddiness.

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