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Rabbits and dwarf rabbits are very popular pets for children. They belong to the family of hares. Even if they are often described as easy to care for and undemanding, the keeping of them must nevertheless be designed in a species-appropriate way. Such a small rabbit is sensitive and takes up the free time of all family members. Therefore you should inform yourself exactly about the keeping conditions!
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Group housing required
A rabbit is a social pet that should never be kept alone. As a pet it needs one or more partners of the same species. Neither good human care nor any other pet can fulfil this need.

The space requirement
A small cage is not suitable for a rabbit. It needs a lot of space and accordingly run out. You must therefore have sufficient square metres available for this in the apartment or the possibility of creating a safe enclosure in the garden. The animals are very eager to move! They like to run, make hooks and dig. The free run must be granted daily. If you want to keep rabbits in your home, you must design an enclosure that is interesting. Involve the children as well!

They will enjoy doing this in their free time and will always come up with new ways to keep the animals occupied. Do not forget to make the outlet rabbit-proof. Power cables must not be within reach of the animals. Wallpaper and carpets could also be nibbled. Also make sure that your indoor plants are not accessible. Some plants are poisonous to rabbits. In the enclosure there must be sufficient hiding places in addition to employment opportunities.

Free run in the garden
If you want to allow your group of rabbits to run free in the garden, you need a safe enclosure with plenty of space. Rabbits like to be there, because it corresponds to a species-appropriate keeping with a lot of activity. Make sure that the outlet is protected from the weather. Provide hiding places! A spacious shelter offers protection from rain, sun, wind and cold.

Midsummer temperatures are particularly risky because rabbits are sensitive to heat. Under no circumstances should a rabbit in a cage outside in the bare sun. It could suffer heatstroke. Even sub-zero temperatures can be dangerous if the animal does not have an isolated hut. Remember that a rabbit can dig deep into the ground and possibly escape from the enclosure. On the other hand, protection against intruders such as the marten must be provided.

Care and nutrition
Rabbits are very clean animals. It is possible to use an open litter box as a toilet. However, you are not allowed to use cat litter. In the trade there are litter types that are compatible with rabbits. This must be replaced daily. For digging, the rabbit needs a sandpit, which has to be cleaned frequently. A rabbit is a rodent. It needs high-quality hay and in summer grass, wild herbs and branches.

Fresh vegetables must be offered daily and fruit occasionally. Such a hare has no fixed times to eat, so the hay rack must always be filled. Fresh water must always be available. The feed mixtures available on the market often contain too much sugar. Also pay attention to the treats that your children feed to the rabbits! Withered fresh food must be removed regularly, as it can make the animals sick.
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Rabbits as pets for children
Rabbits are not cuddly toys! They don't like being lifted and carried around. The posture is demanding and cannot be achieved by a child alone. It is the parents who have to provide fresh food, clean water and clean the enclosure. The occupation with the animals is primarily the responsibility of the adults. Of course the children can be included in the care in their free time. It must also be noted that rabbits are active at twilight. Their urge to move is greatest in the morning and evening. During the day the animals need rest. The children must learn to accept this.

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