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Spray Tanning or the classic self-tanner?
Summer is just around the corner and the pale skin has not yet adapted to the season? It's a good thing that there are self-tanners that give you a radiant tan that makes every summer dress look much more attractive. Most women use self-tanning cream. The tanning shower is also becoming increasingly popular. What is the difference? And which method promises the best result afterwards? A comparison.
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1.0 The tanning lotion - how it works and what you need to consider
The tanning cream is already available for a few euros. It contains the body's own substance dihydroxyacetone, which provides the desired tan. The lotion is applied like an ordinary body cream. Care should be taken with the knee, elbow, hand and foot areas, as these quickly produce an orange and unnatural complexion. After about four days you should reapply the lotion to maintain your tan. A good body care prolongs the tan. The correct technique is essential for a streak-free result with the tanning cream. A peeling before application is not a must, but removes dead skin flakes and the result looks more even. Nevertheless, it often takes practice before you are satisfied with your own result.

2.0 Spray Tanning - the procedure from the USA

The tanning shower, also known as spray tanning, has its roots in the USA and Australia and is now enjoying growing popularity throughout Europe. By means of a "Spray Gun" a special tanning lotion is sprayed onto the body (or even only onto areas such as the face, arms or legs). The colour of the lotion is individually selected on site according to skin type. The customer can also help decide on the intensity of the tan.

Those who are interested in a tanning shower should note that preparations are necessary before tanning: 12 hours before the actual treatment, an exfoliation should be carried out for an even tan result. In addition, lasering and shaving/waxing should be avoided during this time to counteract skin inflammation.

Most tanning showers include info screens in the cabins, where step-by-step instructions are presented again. In order to protect the areas that are not to be tanned (such as the palms of the hands and feet), a protective cream is applied to these areas. Sounds easy, doesn't it? It is. Because: a voice guide accompanies the customer through the showering process and gives instructions in which direction to turn for the "tanning fog". This process takes no longer than a minute. The result is visible within 24 hours.

2.1 Advantages over tanning lotion

Plus point compared to tanning lotion: the tan is distributed evenly and streak-free on the skin by the special procedure. A golden, summery complexion is the result. Bad surprises, which can be experienced through incorrect or uneven creaming, are avoided with the tanning shower. The promising results last up to a week. The same applies here : With the right body care the tanning effect is prolonged. The individual degree of tanning is a decisive advantage over the classic tanning cream. No matter whether you want a look like from a Caribbean holiday lasting several weeks or a delicate golden shimmer - the customer is king and the customer decides!

2.2 Disadvantages compared to the tanning lotion

Unfortunately, the preparation for spray tanning is quite complex. Once you have spread the self-tanning cream on your body in a few minutes without much effort, a special peeling in the tanning studio is necessary before the treatment. After Spray Tanning, you should not take a shower for eight hours and only wear loose clothing so that the lotion can work optimally. Depending on the provider, a treatment costs between 20 and 50 euros, so it is more expensive than a self-tanning cream.
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2.0 Conclusion
The Spray Tanning clearly emerges as the winner here. The customer can decide on the intensity of the tanning and is spared unpleasant surprises in the end. If you don't have a tanning studio nearby that offers Spray Tanning, you can still go for a self-tanning cream: With caution and the right technique you can also achieve a satisfactory result with the cream.

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