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Fit in your own four walls with Pilates

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It is no secret that sport and a healthy diet are essential if you want to stay fit for a long time. However, very few people have enough time to go to the gym or sports club regularly. How about doing something for your mobility at home in your own four walls? Pilates is very well suited for this purpose.

This is what Pilates is all about
This sport is a workout that combines controlled breathing with muscle tension. In all exercises the power should come from the middle of the body. Because it is a holistic concept for the home, Pilates not only allows you to exercise, but also to get away from it all. Originally this sport was invented by a boxer from Nuremberg: Hubertus Pilates.
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When developing the exercises, he focused on the fact that all movements should be performed slowly and consciously. All exercises for home use are also beneficial if you suffer from rheumatism or asthma. The slowly executed steps ensure that you do not get out of breath and the joints are spared.

Observe these basic principles when exercising at home

If you want to do this sport at home without the guidance of a coach, you should first familiarize yourself with the principles. Execute all movements consciously. Make sure that the individual steps do not seem choppy, but flowing. In addition, focus on yourself and your body. Disturbing factors such as loud noises should be avoided during the training if possible. Besides flow and concentration, centring is one of the most important principles in Pilates.

This means that the limbs are held at the right moment and in the correct position. In practice, this is more difficult than it sounds. For the sport to work at home, control over your own body is also important. Every little movement has to be done very specifically, all muscles are tense. The last and one of the most important principles: precision. The exercises are not modified arbitrarily. Instead, it is essential that the clearly defined sequence is followed exactly. Especially beginners should not get into the habit of cheating in the first place.

These regions are strengthened
With this sport for home use, you can be sure that all parts of the body are equally stressed. Because the individual movements are performed with the help of power from the centre of the body, the pelvic muscles are strengthened and the trunk is trained. The area of the shoulders and upper arms is also specifically addressed with individual exercises.

The waist and hips are shaped during Pilates, as the deep muscles play a major role here. Together with the right diet, you can even lose weight if necessary, or at least optimise your body shape. In general, the muscles and joints are strengthened throughout the body without putting unnecessary strain on the joints.

Do Pilates at home as a beginner or a novice
If you want to start exercising slowly at home, then you should get a suitable mat for this purpose. On this mat the exercises are much more comfortable and the slipping away is avoided. Optionally you can buy a stretch band, a Pilates ring or a mini ball. If you are not yet sure whether you will be doing Pilates at home for a long time, you can also start without any aids.
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If you want to start with this sport on your own, that is no problem. However, if it turns out over time that you cannot learn the exercises correctly without help, you should consult an experienced trainer. He or she can either come to your home or you can book a few lessons in a Pilates school. Once you have mastered the basics, Pilates can be integrated into your everyday life.

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