Bread boxes made of plastic, glass or stainless steel ?

Eat well on the way - with bread boxes made of plastic, glass or stainless steel

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Vespers or lunch to go? For those who want to take their food from home for lunch break & Co., stable bread or lunch boxes are virtually indispensable. The reusable boxes not only guarantee a meal without pollutants and garbage, but can also be filled individually and healthily. You can choose between these variants and materials!
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Bread boxes: criteria for selection
As a general rule, you should always consider the following aspects when selecting suitable reusable containers:

The weight
Are you on the road or already heavily loaded on your way to work? Then of course the weight of the bread box is an important factor. Tip: In contrast to rather heavy boxes made of glass, containers made of stainless steel and plastic are true lightweights with a maximum of 200 grams!

The leakage safety

The seals of the lunch boxes should also withstand liquid ingredients such as yoghurts, dressings & Co. For the salad in between or the home-made soup-to-go, therefore, well-sealable containers made of glass are more suitable than models made of plastic or stainless steel.

The absence of pollutants
While there is no risk of pollutants being transferred from the material to the food in boxes made of stainless steel and glass, you should always check plastic models for plasticizers before buying.

Stainless steel lunch boxes

Zero-Waste and completely plastic free? This is what lunch boxes made of food-safe stainless steel promise. You only want to transport a sandwich to the office? Then an inexpensive version with a large compartment is the ideal choice. Several separate compartments, on the other hand, optimally accommodate a wide variety of snacks or cut fruit and vegetables.

Boxes made of glass

Glass containers have the decisive advantage that they are absolutely food-safe. In addition to the fact that glass boxes do not release substances into the food, most models can also be used for the microwave or oven. The disadvantages: Due to the rather high empty weight and the danger of breakage, lunch boxes made of glass are less suitable for children.

Bread boxes made of pollutant-free plastic
The light snack tins made of robust and durable plastic are particularly suitable for kindergarten or school children. Attention: The prerequisite is, of course, that the boxes are free of harmful substances according to the manufacturer's instructions and do not contain any plasticizers such as bisphenol A (BPA).
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Tip: If the lunch box has many small compartments, then pieces of fruit, vegetable sticks & Co. can be transported separately. Very practical are also boxes made of plastic, which can be used either with compartments or as one big box due to small removable inserts.
With this in mind, bon appétit!

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