Impeller versus support wheels

Training bikes or better a running bike ?

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With the increasing mobility of their offspring, parents will at some point ask themselves: Does a walking bike make sense? Or should it be the first bicycle with training wheels? Does it make sense to buy a running bike at all or is it a waste of money? If this is the question you have to ask yourself, you will find a short overview and perhaps even a decision-making aid here.
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The wheel: fun for the youngest
While the tricycle is usually pushed by the parents in the beginning, the children with a walking bike are suddenly on their own. The parents support the child in learning passively only by giving him or her the assurance that they will catch the child in an emergency. However, the child has to do the running on its own, which is a great pleasure for most children. They train their sense of balance excellently with a running bike.

In addition, when they are more experienced, children are faster on a walk than on foot. Running bikes make sense from about 2 years on, when the child can already run very well and safely. Of course there are different models and sizes of bicycles. For the slightly smaller children, the versions with two wheels in the back, i.e. the tricycle without pedals, are worthwhile. In addition, there are wheels made of wood or metal, depending on taste.

Milestone of childhood: The very first bicycle

The first bike is an important step in the development of a child . Until then, bicycles were only for grown-ups and now the little ones can finally ride themselves. That makes you really proud, even if the training wheels are still screwed on for the first riding attempts. But unlike a walking bike, the child can become quite fast.

If it rides carelessly into gravel, potholes or towards traffic lights, it must be able to brake in time or take evasive action on its own and listen to instructions from parents. The training wheels can also lead to uncertainty if the child drives over uneven ground, the training wheels lose contact with the ground and the child suddenly has to keep his or her own balance.
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Wheel or training wheels - the decision is not always easy

Some people swear by bicycles, others by bicycles. Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself whether you think your child is ready for a bike with training wheels or whether you would like to try a running bike first. For motor skills and balance, a running bike is definitely recommended. But all children are different. Some do not like bikes, others are enthusiastic and ride them for a long time.

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