Training with small dumbbells at home

You don't have to go to a gym to train your muscles

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You do not necessarily have to go to a gym to train your muscles! A small training program can also be done at home. The use of small dumbbells is recommended. The weights challenge the muscles! A well thought-out exercise program provides fun and variety for sports at home! You can train at home whenever your time allows.
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Advantages compared to equipment training
The free dumbbell training has some advantages over the equipment training. You are not bound to the given movements of the training equipment. The exercises correspond more to everyday movements, so that you train your coordination and sense of balance. The small supporting muscles in the back and abdomen are also used. An uneven muscle build-up, as it occurs when training on machines, is avoided because you activate several muscle groups down to the small muscle fibres! The interaction of the muscles improves through the different training sequences and you become more flexible. Sport also stimulates the circulation and blood flow and improves posture.

Choosing the right dumbbell

A set of dumbbells is ideal for beginners. They are available in different weight classes, starting at 0.5 kilograms per dumbbell. An increase in steps of up to 5 kilograms and more is possible at any time. For example, a core of cast iron is responsible for the weight. A neoprene coating makes the dumbbells sweat-resistant and ensures a secure grip.

Building muscles at home
With your dumbbells you can do many exercises in different versions in the house. These can be simple gymnastic exercises, for example, which are made more effective with the extra weights. If you want to do knee bends, you can first place the weights on your shoulder with your arms raised and bent to the side while standing. Go to the squat and lift your arms at the same time. Find a rhythm that suits you! Be careful not to stretch your arms and legs completely at the reversal point to protect your joints. During this exercise you not only strain the thigh and buttock muscles, but also the shoulder muscles.

Create a training program

The best thing to do is to put together a program with suitable exercises. Don't forget to allow 10 minutes each for warming up and cooling down! How often you repeat an exercise at home depends on your goals. But 10 to 20 repetitions with light dumbbells should be enough. If the weight is higher, 6 to 8 sequences are sufficient, which you repeat in several sets. Take a short break after each set and breathe deeply! When exercising, make sure that the exercises are performed cleanly. In addition, integrate new exercise patterns into your training from time to time!

Beginners watch out!
Even if motivation is high, you should still start slowly. Your muscles first have to get used to the new challenge. Don't train every day, but allow yourself some recovery time in between. It is sufficient to do a training with dumbbells three times a week indoors. However, you can continue your endurance training once you are used to it. At least one day a week should be free of sports so that the body can regenerate. To get started, lighter dumbbells should be used and the exercises should be changed over and over again. Make sure you keep your muscles under tension. The effort should be noticeable. Do not put the dumbbells down in between! If necessary, adjust the weight of the dumbbells.
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What are the benefits of training
Exercise regularly at home, build up muscles with your dumbbells during exercise and gain strength. The oxygen and energy requirement is high during training. Fat burning is stimulated. You consume more calories. Exercising at home helps you to reach your ideal weight and define a sporty figure. Your body becomes more resistant to the stresses of everyday life.

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