Sugar - What alternatives are there?

The Truth About Sugar Replacement

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The consumption of sugar causes, among other things, fatigue, lack of energy, anxiety, depression, stomach and intestinal disorders, hair loss, skin diseases, lack of concentration and sleep disorders. This is why more and more Germans are either deciding to eliminate sugar from their diet at short notice as part of a "30-day sugar-free challenge" or are even giving up the drug in the long term. But what is an alternative to conventional sugar? Three possible means are presented below.
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Stevia - sweetener for beverages
As an alternative to sugar, Stevia acts as a vegetable substitute and is considered up to 300 times sweeter than classic household sugar. In addition, Stevia does not alter blood sugar levels and the pancreas does not need to secrete insulin, eliminating the health consequences of eating Stevia. The substitute is particularly suitable for sweetening any kind of drink such as coffee, tea, cocoa or lemonade. However, Stevia is not the best choice for cakes, pies and other sweet treats, as it is often difficult to find the ideal dosage.

Maple syrup - sweetener for food
Maple syrup, as an alternative to Stevia, does alter blood sugar levels, but not in as negative a way as sugar. In addition, because the amount of fructose in maple syrup is limited, you don't have to struggle with the negative properties of fruit sugar. Because of its malt-like taste, the sweetener is not suitable for every recipe, but is recommended for desserts, various types of cakes and pastries.

Coconut blossom sugar - sweetener for your baking creations
Another substitute is coconut blossom sugar extracted from the nectar of the coconut palm, which only raises the blood sugar level minimally but does not cause major fluctuations. Although the coconut blossom sugar is slightly less sweet as an alternative to the well-known sugar, it is still recommended to use it in a ratio of 1:1 to household sugar.
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According to this, coconut blossom sugar is ideal for baking, as the sugar can be replaced by the alternative without further conversions. Furthermore, modern nutrition experts advocate sweeteners such as xylitol, yacon, palm sugar, dates and red banana powder. It is up to you to decide which option you ultimately choose. It is also possible to use several alternatives for different purposes, i.e. stevia for sweetening drinks and coconut blossom sugar for your own baking recipes. Regardless of which sugar you choose, it will definitely be healthier than the usual sugar.

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