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A long drink with history

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A prelude to dinner or a drink in the evening sun?
A balmy evening in late summer - perfect with the real Planters Punch! The best recipe for a successful evening starts with a good long drink. The legendary Planters Punch is a fabulous tip for an easy start to an evening with friends. But the long drink is much more than just an aperitif - as a single drink to round off the evening, it also cuts a fine figure. Whether you want to celebrate the aperitif culture with your guests or enjoy a relaxing drink: With a long drink like the Planters Punch you are in the right place!
Planters Punch - Our long drink tip in September / a Planters Puntch with sunglasses and umbrella© VitalikRadko / depositphotos

Planters Punch - what is that exactly?
The translation seems simple: Planters Punch. But as with so many things, the simple translation is not enough here. If you are asked for the recipe at a dinner for guests, you must first admit that there is no original recipe for Planters Punch - the term is more of a collective term for cocktails from the Caribbean. Already in the 17th century alcoholic mixed drinks were called Punch. Punch" does not come from the English "to punch", but from the Indian word "pantsch", which means "five". So the best recipe for a Planters Punch originally consists of five ingredients: alcohol, sugar, fruit juice, water and spices.

The tip for drinking - long drinks refine the eating culture
For many people a good meal is accompanied by a good drink. Serving a long drink as an aperitif has several advantages. It is a socially accepted custom and significantly enhances an evening if you start the evening with the right drink. Once again, the Planters Punch is convincing - you have the freedom during preparation to match the individual ingredients to the following meal. Furthermore, drinking a long drink is a good way to bridge the waiting time until the first course. The tip also has a social function: If your guests do not know each other yet, a nicely prepared long drink is a good topic to start a conversation.

Caribbean at home - drink the freedom of the ocean
Since the middle of the 19th century, Planters Punch has been officially served with Jamaican rum. Jamaica, like many other Caribbean islands, was in the hands of pirates and privateers. The rum was an original version of the after-work drink. A good recipe also contains good ingredients - if you enjoy Planters Punch as a sundowner, it should remind you and your guests of the sea and exotic happiness. Don't skimp on the alcohol - neither did the pirates!

A recipe for connoisseurs
According to statistics, most people spend on average just over 100 minutes a day eating and drinking. So it is only natural to make this time as pleasant as possible by using the best ingredients and celebrating the pleasure. For a great long drink, forget everything you've ever drunk in package holidays or suburban discos! A Planters Punch does not consist of several juices and umbrellas! You don't have to put pineapple on the rim if there is no pineapple juice in the glass. Rely on a few, but high-quality ingredients - your guests will think they are drinking summer!

Belongs in a Planters Punch:
- 6 cl of good Caribbean rum
- 4 cl lime or lemon juice
- 2 cl sugar syrup, preferably cane sugar (boil 2 parts cane sugar with 1 part water, the syrup is ready)
- 2 cl soda ash
- 2 dashes of bitter lemon or grenadine
Planters Punch - Unser Longdrink-Tipp im September / ein Planters Punch© VadimVasenin / depositphotos

Put everything together in a shaker, add some crushed ice and shake. Pour into a long drink glass of crushed ice and pour the contents of the shaker on top. Fruit on the rim? Maximum one slice of orange or lime, depending on the juice used. Tip: Serve small fine fruit snacks separately. Prepare yourself and your guests an exclusive and unforgettable evening: with Planters Punch!

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