Home remedies for burns

The best home remedies against burns

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It is not uncommon for children or adults to burn themselves within the household. If you know the right household remedies against the burn injury, you can provide first aid quickly and effectively at this point. In many cases, the burn or scalding is only so weak that there is no threat of long-term consequences for the health of those affected. Nevertheless, the burned area should be properly treated.
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First measure: Cooling, cooling, cooling
The first moment of shock, especially for children, is when a burnt area of skin becomes hot, burns and glows fire red. Therefore, the burn injury should be cooled with ice-cold water as soon as possible. In this way the area is slightly anaesthetized; this inhibits the pain and calms it down. After a few minutes of fresh water flow, the burn injury should be covered with a damp cloth to maintain constant cooling. However, you should not overdo it with cooling. The use of cooling packs means too much of a good thing for the already irritated skin and can be an additional health hazard. After all, local frostbite should not occur!

Using household remedies for the sake of health
Surely you have some kind of vinegar at home. Here it does not matter whether it is apple vinegar, spirit vinegar or any other kind. This food has an antiseptic effect and therefore protects against possible disinfection. Make use of these positive properties by providing children or adults with a mixture of vinegar and water. The two liquids are mixed in a ratio of 1 to 1 and placed on the affected area in the form of a soaked cloth.

Camomile tea is also very suitable for treating a painful burn injury. Leave the bags to soak in cold water for five minutes and dab the skin with a cloth soaked in tea. The tea can also be drunk as it supports the immune system to heal the burned area quickly. Both coconut oil and honey can be applied directly to the burn injury. Both home remedies have an antibacterial effect and are very easy to use: Apply a thin layer directly to the affected area, let it soak in for a long time - that's it!

With the power of nature against burning
If you want to do something good for your health after scalding or burning, the sulphur compounds in ordinary onions will help you. By gently pressing a sliced onion onto the irritated area, you reduce the likelihood of a painful burn blister forming. Repeat the application several times a day. Plantain is also an effective remedy for pain following a burn. It is not only anti-inflammatory, but also has an antibacterial effect. Another pleasant side effect that soothes children in particular: plantain relieves itching. To use this plant correctly, you don't have to go to any great trouble, rub a single leaf and place the paste directly on the burn injury. Then cover everything with a cloth and leave it there for at least an hour.

How to behave correctly in case of a burn
First and foremost, it is important that you do not wait and see, but take immediate action. Above all, prompt cooling is essential to contain the damage. If a burn blister develops, you must never open it on your own authority, but consult a doctor immediately. This is especially true if children have been burned.
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The burnt or scalded area must be protected from renewed irritation when going to the doctor or in everyday life. It is advisable to apply a small bandage, which protects the whole area from sun, dirt and rough objects over a large area. If you decide to use one of the above mentioned household remedies, you should carry out the treatment regularly. Apply the coconut oil, plantain, vinegar or other remedies several times a day to achieve pain relief.

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