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Painting with style: Graffiti as a hobby

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Many people love to paint or draw in their free time. The creation of graffiti is also part of painting and can be pursued as a hobby. Graffiti you surely know as the more or less artistic effusions that can be found on many house walls and in most cases even represent damage to property. But spraying graffiti can also be done legally, in your free time and as an independent art form. In the following paragraphs you will learn more about this topic.
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What does "graffiti" mean and what can you imagine it to mean?
Most people still associate the creation of such images with the illegal wannabe artwork of bored young people. However, creating graffiti is a particularly expressive art form that is part of painting. The word "graffiti" originally comes from the Italian language and means something like "hatching". For the creation of a graffiti, usually many different colored spray cans are used. House facades, bridges or signs are often a popular target for the artists.

An independent art form and a fascinating hobby
Graffiti first established itself as an art form on the American hip-hop scene in the 1970s. Public spraying with paint cans was initially carried out illegally, but increasingly established itself as an art form. In the meantime, a whole range of different techniques exist for this hobby. These have become increasingly professional over the last few decades. Meanwhile graffiti has changed to an independent art form, which is pursued by many people as a serious hobby.

Graffiti painting as a hobby - How it works
First of all, spray cans are used for the creation of graffiti paintings. In this form of painting, the paint is applied by spraying paint onto certain surfaces or substrates. In contrast to pictures that were painted with a brush, graffiti does not allow the representation of smaller details. Therefore graffiti seems to be a bit coarser compared to other techniques that are represented in the art of painting. However, the creation of graffiti is considered particularly expressive because of this interchangeable style. Which techniques are there?

Surely you are familiar with the images reminiscent of comics and sprayed in bright colours, which can be found on many public places or house walls. You should be even better acquainted with the lettering characteristic of graffiti painting, usually in bright colours. These are also the styles in this technique that still predominate today. There are no limits in the choice of motifs. In comparison to other painting techniques, graffiti painting usually shows simple motifs. This includes the spraying of colourful, often simple symbols, the representation of letters and short lettering as well as the spraying of comic figures, animals and plants. To learn spraying with the spray can as an art form requires some patience, but it is worth it!

Spraying graffiti as a legal hobby for enthusiastic painters
Painting with the help of spray cans gives the painter the opportunity to live out his creativity beyond classical drawing or oil or watercolour painting. As already mentioned, there are different techniques for creating graffiti. For the legal spraying of graffiti, which is an interesting way to spend one's free time, there are more and more public areas in different cities that are accessible to hobby painters. If you want to create your own graffiti in your free time, you can join groups that do this professionally, for example.
Graffiti - introduction to hobby painting / a man sprays graffiti © Kurganov / depositphotos

Is this form of painting also something for you?
Painting is one of your hobbies and you want to try something new or learn a new technique? Would you like to create your own works of art, but you do not yet know which style you should try out? Spraying paint, using spray cans, gives you new opportunities to dedicate yourself to painting and learn more about your own skills and creativity.

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