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Sport is the ideal balance to work and provides variety in everyday life. Training with a Theraband is a good and gentle alternative to the gym or sports courses. The Theraband offers many advantages and trains the whole body. In the following you will learn more about the alternative sport for home and which exercises you can do with the Therabands.
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Theraband - the origin
The training with the Thera bands originally comes from the USA. The Thera bands are not only used in sports, but also for rehabilitation measures and therapies. The elastic bands enjoy great international popularity. The advantage of the Theraband is that it is small in size and can be taken everywhere. In contrast to dumbbells, the Thera bands are light and space-saving. Depending on the supplier you can buy the band as yard ware, which makes it relatively inexpensive. After a detailed instruction a flexible training in your free time is possible.

Thera bands - different strengths

You can buy Thera bands in different thicknesses. The colours indicate the respective thickness. The strength is the resistance of the band when it is stretched. There are eight colours, depending on the individual training condition and the desired intensity. Beige and yellow bands are suitable for beginners or people with injuries. They are slightly stretchy and help the muscles to get used to the load slowly.

If you regularly do sports in your free time, blue, red and green bands are the right choice. These are medium to strong levels. The colours silver, black and gold are particularly difficult to stretch and are suitable for competitive and highly trained athletes. Please note that there are dealers who have a different classification regarding the colours. Therefore you should inform yourself about the offered strengths and colour assignments of the supplier before buying.

Training with the Thera bands - individual sport at home
With the Thera bands, a targeted build-up of different muscle groups is possible during leisure time. The Theraband improves the mobility of the whole body and contributes to a good posture. By stretching the band, different muscle groups are stressed. The more you stretch the band, the more force you have to apply. When exercising, make sure that the exercises are performed slowly. In this way you will achieve an optimal training effect and avoid injuries. In addition, you will protect your joints if you perform the exercises correctly.

Exercising with the Theraband - sports for at home
Beginners should start with a few repetitions and increase them gradually. Much more important than many repetitions is the correct execution of the exercises. During training the tape should always be under tension. Therefore, smooth and slow movements are important. To intensify the training, you can hold the highest possible tension for a few seconds. Furthermore, press breathing should be avoided. It is best to breathe out with the tension and breathe in when the band is released. In this way, you avoid press breathing and protect the cardiovascular system. With the band you can train the trunk muscles, buttocks, upper arms, back muscles, shoulders, chest, legs and thighs individually in your free time.
Training with the Theraband - Sport for at home / Training with Theraband© kbycphotography / depositphotos

Exercises with Theraband - Sport for at home
Before exercising, you should check the Theraband for cracks or other damage to prevent injury. Wrap the Theraband around your hand so that the wrists are relieved. Alternatively, there are Therabands with handles or loops. The following exercise is recommended for people who want to exercise long seats and their backs: Stand in the middle of the Theraband and take both ends in your hands. Wrap the ends of the band around your hands until you feel a pull on the band. Stretch your arms upwards and lower them again. Do 20 repetitions.

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