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Garden work in autumn

Preparing the garden for winter in autumn

Although the temperatures drop in autumn and many people prefer to sit in front of the fireplace with a good book and a hot drink, gardening is important at this time of year too. Because of the autumn foliage and flora, the garden needs a lot of attention, especially in autumn. Gardening in the autumn mainly involves cutting back old shoots on all plants in the garden. Faded areas and naturally...

Tree house - From a child's dream to a bedroom in the trees

Do you have a big tree in your garden with a thick trunk?

Is the dream of many children and if you as parents have enough space in your garden, you can playfully fulfill this dream for your child. Children need space and room to let their imagination run wild. So what better way than a tree house to create this opportunity for the child? If you have the necessary facilities, you can either build the tree house yourself or purchase a ready-made kit in retail stores...

How do I plant an apple tree?

Planting an apple tree: that's the way to do it!

Planting an apple tree in your own garden is a great way to make your outdoor leisure time even more effective. Firstly, an apple tree is a real eye-catcher when it grows and flourishes and secondly, fresh apples from your own harvest still taste best. If you are planting a fruit tree for the first time, the following tips may help you...

Tree tents - an exceptional overnight accommodation

Tree tent - this is behind the new trend

You love camping, but have had enough of the classic tents, which you have to set up easily or with difficulty? How about a tree tent instead? Never heard of it? The following article explains the new type of tent and what makes it so special. Tree tents, also known as hammock tents or hammock tents, are not set up and erected on the ground as is usually the case, but are stretched between...

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