Garden work in autumn

Preparing the garden for winter in autumn

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Although the temperatures drop in autumn and many people prefer to sit in front of the fireplace with a good book and a hot drink, gardening is also important at this time of year. Because of the autumn foliage and the changing flora, the garden needs a lot of attention, especially in autumn.
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Cutting back plants
Gardening in the autumn mainly involves cutting back old shoots on all plants in the garden. Faded areas and naturally diseased plants should be pruned back now at the latest, or cut back considerably, so that the plants will find their old freshness again next spring. Healthy perennials may remain natural, but they should first be carefully checked for brown spots and pest infestation. The parts of the plant above ground must also be preserved because they effectively protect the root areas below from frost.

Digging up and potting tubers
Unless there are winterproof tubers such as dahlias, begonias, gladiolas or other species on your property, they cannot spend the winter outside. Instead, you should dig up the delicate plants and plant them in a box or, even better, in a pot. Dry peat is the best substrate for wintering. If the flowers are placed in a cellar where the temperature remains constant during the cold season, nothing can happen to the plants and they will bloom as beautifully the next year as they did before.

Mow the lawn one last time
Only when new leaves are no longer expected should you mow the lawn for the very last time this year. The lawn does not like to be buried under a thick layer of leaves over the winter. The appearance of the lush green can suffer as a result and this must be prevented. For this reason, remove any leaves that still land on the short grass after the last mowing.

Making roses winterproof

If there are roses in your garden, you should pay special attention to them, especially in autumn when you are gardening. The roses are cut according to the principle: less is more. A proper pruning can prevent the sensitive plants from catching a disease or even mould.
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Nevertheless, you should let your roses bloom as long as possible. Only make these very special plants winterproof when the last flower has faded. Depending on the mildness of the autumn, this can last until the beginning of December. During the first frost, however, intact flowers should also be removed to prevent damage.

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