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Pests are present in our everyday life in all kinds and forms. These include mould spores, annoying insects, rats, mice or flying animals. Pigeons in particular reproduce rapidly and are a nuisance for many people. If you want to protect your house and garden from these winged troublemakers, you will find important tips here.
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Fighting pigeons with poison - is that legal?
In general, many different pests are controlled with poison. However, this measure should always be the last resort. If, for example, the harmful substances are dosed too much and get into the garden, animals, plants and even you yourself can suffer damage. If there are children or pets in the immediate vicinity of the scene of the incident, you should avoid using any kind of poison so as not to endanger anyone.

According to current animal protection laws, it is not permitted to injure or even kill pigeons with poison. Although these animals are pests, you must find another way to get rid of the beasts. Whoever kills the pigeons is liable to prosecution There is one exception: If the city council expressly allows killing, citizens are allowed to use poison However, this only happens in extreme cases.

Scare away pigeons in the garden and on the terrace
Especially on the terrace at home or on the balcony, flying pigeons are very disturbing. On the one hand the animals are considered to be carriers of diseases and on the other hand the bird droppings are simply unpleasant to look at. Due to the acidity contained, pigeon droppings are often difficult to remove and cause lasting damage to railings, decorations and furniture.

Pigeons do not like ravens. This applies both within your garden and on the open road. For this reason it is a good idea to place a dummy raven on the railing of the terrace. If no railing is available, the garden fence is also a good option. When the flying pests see the plastic raven, you will no longer feel like visiting its supposed territory.

Noise and movement can also effectively keep the airborne pests away from the garden. Here it is often enough to wave your arms and shout loudly. Of course you cannot guard your own garden around the clock. Instead, set up a so-called pigeon fright, which makes a sound that pigeons do not like at all. Ultrasonic waves are used to drive the birds away in the long term.

Unwanted birds on the roof
Not only in the garden or on the terrace pigeons disturb house owners, but also on the roof. If you notice that the pigeons come again and again, you should do something about this unwanted visit. Otherwise it can happen that bird droppings block the gutter. In addition, the droppings also end up on your terrace or directly in the garden - not a nice sight. If the roof is also removed, the cooing of the pigeons can disturb the night's rest very sensitively.

So-called pigeon spikes are permitted by law, yet they are very effective against the pests. They can be attached quite easily and are hardly visible from the garden. Hardly any pigeon will be allowed to sit on a roof or on a ledge that is studded with the pointed metal bars. Don't worry - the animals notice the spikes early and will not injure themselves here.
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If you also have problems with pigeons at the windows or on the windowsills, the pigeon spikes can be attached here also quite simply. However, these are rather suitable to be attached on only rarely used bay windows. Otherwise there is an acute danger of injury. Especially on the windows of a children's room there is no room for pigeon spikes. Windmills in flower boxes can also keep pigeons from landing. The same applies to decorations that reflect the light.

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