Sowing in August

Is August - too late for sowing? No!

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No! Certainly, for many fruits and vegetables, midsummer is already well past sowing time, as many things can already be harvested, such as chillies, cucumbers and tomatoes, but there is still a wide range of crops that should only be sown now or that can be sown over several months and ideally harvested several times per season.
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What else can be sown in August?
Above all, many different types of lettuce can still be sown in late summer, including endive lettuce, romaine lettuce, lamb's lettuce, iceberg lettuce, picking lettuce and radicchio. In addition to lettuce, a number of other vegetables can also be sown in August, such as spinach, chard, kohlrabi, Chinese cabbage, savoy cabbage and pak choi, as well as strawberries, radishes and garden cress.

Can the vegetables be grown on your own without green thumbs?
Yes, of course some plants are more demanding than others and advice or research can be very useful. As a general rule, if you have little experience in growing plants, you should first choose only 1-3 different genera so that it is easier to keep track. For a start we recommend the following varieties in the late summer season:

For the spinach, the right time to sow the seeds for an autumn harvest is only now beginning, mid to late August, as too much sun and heat is not good for it. Accordingly, it is also ideal for shadier places. If a little more space is available, the spinach can be planted in seed furrows. Simply sow the seeds about 3 centimetres close to the groove, about 30 centimetres from the next seed furrow. Alternatively, sowing in pots is of course also possible. Already about seven weeks after sowing the first leaves can be harvested and from then on you can always harvest in stages.

Tip: Strawberries, onions, kohlrabi and cabbage thrive particularly well in the soil in which spinach has grown!

Radishes can also be sown until the beginning of September. They prefer a sunny, humus-rich location and are sown about one centimetre deep. The seeds should be planted about 15 centimetres apart so that the plants can develop fully. Because radishes grow very quickly, success is not long in coming. However, it is important to ensure that the soil remains loose and evenly moist, otherwise the taste of the tubers suffers. The radishes can be harvested about four weeks after sowing.

No matter whether the strawberry bush is full of fruit just waiting to be made into jam or cake, or just a few tasty fruits that want to be eaten directly, strawberries can delight every hobby gardener. The seeds can be placed directly into the bed or flower pot covered by a thin layer of loose and moist soil. Detailed descriptions for sowing may differ depending on the seeds and are therefore taken directly from the seed bag.
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Good to know: Strawberries also thrive excellently on the balcony, but they extract many specific nutrients from the soil and should therefore not be planted in the same soil for several years in a row, if possible, but with a time lag of about three years.

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