Fighting wasps in the garden

So wasps have no chance in the garden

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Actually, insects in the garden are a good thing. Bees pollinate the flowers, worms dig up the soil and ants transport plant waste away. However, if the animal visitors are wasps, most garden owners only want one thing: to get rid of the stinging beasts quickly! The following text explains how this can be achieved.
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Wasp seeks protein-rich food in the home garden
In Germany there are only two species which can be really dangerous for you. One is the German wasp and the other is the common wasp. The animals react very quickly to typical food, such as ice cream, bratwurst or sweet drinks. In addition, both species can sting.

Especially in the months of August and September, the insects buzz around well-visited gardens because food is always falling off here. If you react to the insects with violent movements or strong blowing, you create real enemies here. The animals perceive this reaction as a potential threat and are happy to use the sting as a result.

Insects react to odours
In general, wasps can be driven away very well with different smells. The animals are considered to be very sensitive to such scents which are not contained in sugary or protein-rich foods. These include, for example, the smell of essential oil or the smell of fresh coffee powder. A bowl with one of these two substances should therefore not be missing from the breakfast table if the animals are to stay away.

Instead of chasing away the insects with smells, the wasp can also be attracted in the garden. You can then enjoy your meal and drinks at the garden table in peace and quiet while the annoying little animals are busy elsewhere. For this purpose you can, for example, place a little overripe fruit at a safe distance from the terrace or the sitting area in the garden. The wasps will react to the smell of the fruit and, with a bit of luck, ignore the food of the people present.

Special tips for effective wasp control
Different plants are perceived by the animals as rather unpleasant. For example, if you plant fresh mint, lemon balm or lavender on your property, the animals will probably stay away from your belongings. In addition, the plants mentioned smell simply heavenly!

It is also essential to remove possible hiding places for the wasps in time to make your own garden less attractive for the animals. Clear away rotten wood or old garden tools as early as spring. Holes in the garden house are also attractive to the troublemakers, because a shelter can be built here. Rotting fallen fruit should also be removed immediately; the same applies to animal carcasses. Wasps eat carrion and are guaranteed to be attracted by dead voles or similar.

Prevent unpleasant bites with the right behaviour
You should leave no stone unturned to avoid attracting the wasps in the first place. Never use any special care products for the wooden seating set or the garden fence. Polishing is also taboo in summer, as these products contain substances that smell sweet. It is better to postpone painting until spring or late autumn. During this time there are no or very few wasps in gardens.
Fight wasps in the garden / fresh mint in the garden against wasps© Andrelix / depositphotos

If you would like to eat comfortably on the terrace, then you better cover the open drinks with a beer mat or a small plate. This will prevent you from accidentally swallowing a wasp. That would be fatal for your health! If a wasp strays into your garden despite all precautions, you should keep calm.

Do not wave in front of the animals and do not get up suddenly. Instead, you should move away slowly and ignore the aggressive insects. The animals will disappear on their own when you have eaten your fill or notice that there is nothing interesting for them here. To prevent them from returning, you should try the tips mentioned above.

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