Tree house - From a child's dream to a bedroom in the trees

Do you have a big tree in your garden with a thick trunk?

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Is the dream of many children and if you as parents have enough space in your garden, you can fulfill this dream playfully for your child.

Throne in the treetop
Children need space and room to let their imagination run wild. So what better way than a tree house to create this opportunity for the child? If you have the necessary facilities, you can either build the tree house yourself or purchase a ready-made kit in retail stores.
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In the first step, however, you should see if you can find the right tree in your garden, because of course not every tree is designed for a tree house. But the choice of the right materials also plays an important role, because these contribute to the safety of the tree house for your child.

The right tree
Do you have a big tree in your garden with a thick trunk? If so, then the first hurdle to your own tree house has already been taken. You also need to examine the trunk of the tree. This should be straight and strong so that the future tree house is safe and solid. Particularly suitable for carrying a tree house are the tree species beech, fir, ash and oak.

Experts recommend that the trunk should have a diameter of at least 20 centimetres. You can compare this diameter roughly to a normal cake tin. With such a diameter you can see that the tree has a sufficiently deep root system and has already reached the right degree of maturity.

Both the deep roots and the thick trunk will give you the assurance that the tree will stand firm even in strong winds. Furthermore, these indicators show that the selected tree will survive for a long time - especially if a tree house is planned.

The use and design
Once you have found the right tree for the treehouse, you can start thinking about the type of use and design. In terms of design, a tree house usually appears in a rectangular or square shape. The reason for this is that it makes it easier to attach the walls on each side.
Tree house - From children's dream to the bedroom in the trees - beams© photo 5000 / Fotolia

Although a tree house automatically makes you think of a structure high up in the crown of the tree, you can also build the tree house close to the ground if you are worried about the risk of injury if you fall. There are many ways to personalise your child's tree house. How about a slide, a swing or a porch that goes all the way around?

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