Three quick buffet ideas for your garden party

Time for an unforgettable summer

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Time for an unforgettable garden party. We have been waiting for summer for what feels like an eternity, finally it is here. Lazy summer evenings make you want to spend time together and preferably outside. There are many occasions for a garden party. Of course there is no garden party without a buffet!
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Preparation is everything - finger food
As a host, one would like to have something of the evening oneself and not be busy the whole evening with running back and forth. The popular finger food is perfect for your garden party buffet. Small meatballs and cocktail sausages are quickly prepared and can also be eaten cold. Also popular are tomato and mozzarella skewers, which are quickly conjured up with a cocktail tomato and small mozzarella balls.

So nothing falls down and the skewers can also be eaten standing up. Vegetable sticks are delicious and also very suitable for vegetarians. Simply cut cucumbers, carrots, celery and peppers into strips and arrange them appetisingly on a plate. Various dips such as chickpea jam or sour cream with garlic go well with them. Small spring rolls, pretzels, bowls with nuts or puff pastry pockets filled with ham and cheese as well as mini pizzas are also very popular on every buffet.

Healthy and light - party salads
Salads are in high demand at every garden party and are quickly made. Potato salad or coleslaw are perfect as a side dish for grilled food. Also popular are colourful mixed salads with leaf salads and other vegetables, refined with cheese, strips of ham and egg. Instead of ham, chicken or tuna can also be added. And what would a garden party be without pasta salad?

Something special is a raw apple-carrot diet. Here, apple and carrots are roughly grated. The dressing consists of olive oil, honey and lemon. An enrichment for your buffet tastes fresh and is also very healthy. Another delicious tip is eggs in sour cream. This involves placing hard-boiled eggs in a mould filled with herb curd cheese and sour cream. Incredibly quick to prepare and a particularly good combination.

No garden party without grilled food
The crowning glory of any buffet is delicious grilled meat and sausages. Have you ever tried fillet skewers marinated in honey with strawberries? Experience gourmet pleasure with juicy steaks and spicy stuffed chicken breast fillets. If you love fish, you will surely like stockfish, exotically marinated and put on skewers.
Three quick buffet ideas for your garden party / cocktail sausages© emuck / Fotolia

Suitable for vegetarians and especially quickly prepared are grilled vegetables with halloumi cheese. By the way, grilled bananas or marshmallows also taste very tasty and can provide a sweet finish. Grilled food is extremely suitable for your garden party buffet, because you can prepare it very quickly.

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