Swimming pond instead of swimming pool

As soon as the nice weather comes, the desire for cooling appears

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And so that you can emerge from the "real wet", there is a lot to think about when choosing the perfect swimming pool. Of course, the trade has been offering a large selection of plastic swimming pools for some years now. Whether a "frame pool" with aluminium piping or a "fun pool" with inflatable edge, there is something for every purse. It already starts with a diameter of about 3 meters and about 200 Euro.
Swimming pond instead of swimming pool - Swimming pond with wooden jetty© R. Erler / Fotolia

If the ground is halfway straight, the swimming pool is finished in a morning and the few thousand litres of water have a pleasant bathing temperature in no time. As always, there are no limits to the height, but in case of a dug pool, no matter if it is bricked, a polyester tub or a tarpaulin, one should in any case calculate 10.000 euros. Mind you, only for the dug-in swimming pool.

Without a nice pool cover over it or noble stone all around. If the excavator comes and you like the idea of swimming in the not 100% germ-free water, you should perhaps think of an alternative, e.g. a swimming pond or a natural pool. It must be said in advance that a swimming pond is not exactly cheap to buy.

A swimming pond with a size that makes the "swimming" in the name possible should have about 240 square meters and is with foil, underwater and filter plants in different safety standards between 5,000 and 15,000 euros expensive. With the natural pool, in contrast to the swimming pond, the technology and piping with several thousands is added.

In return, the natural alternatives to chlorine-treated pools are an eye-catcher in the garden all year round and provide a home for the entire range of fauna and flora.
Swimming pond instead of swimming pool - natural pool© Scheiteldelle / Fotolia

Dragonflies, butterflies and the odd frog will join you. In winter, your own ice skating rink at the swimming pond and in spring, a sea of flowers in your home garden are not to be sneezed at and are worth the investment.

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