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If you want to get fit without a gym, you are well advised to do High Intensity Training - HIT for short. This form of training is short, crisp, absolutely simple and therefore ideal for you if you have little time and want to train at home in your free time. In the following paragraphs we will explain how this training variant works, which exercises are possible and what you need to become fit and slim.
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What is HIT?
This form of training is about training as efficiently as possible. Characteristic is the avoidance of long breaks and a high degree of capacity utilization during the exercises. Instead of isolated arm exercises, such as biceps curls, this type of training focuses on exercises that put strain on the whole body. Good examples of such exercises are knee bends, push-ups, burpees or rope skipping.

The high intensity with which the exercises are performed means that it is often not possible to train for more than 20 to 30 minutes. It is exactly this short training duration that makes the training so interesting for people who prefer to train at home in their free time. Instead of having to travel to the gym and wait forever at the machines, you can start exercising at home.

However, it must be said that HIT is not suitable for everyone. Those who have not done any sports in their free time should choose a less intensive form of training in order to first build up a certain basic fitness. If you are not able to do this over the short training period, you will not achieve the desired results with this training.

Which exercises can you build into your HIT-Training?
If you do sports at home, you are naturally very limited in your choice of exercises. You do not have any machines, maybe not even a dumbbell or other sports equipment. In this section we will explain which exercises you can do completely without the usual studio equipment, without making your training less effective.

1) Rope Skipping
All you need is a standard skipping rope. Rope skipping trains coordination and especially strengthens the ligaments and tendons in the lower body. If you have mastered the technique and can jump fast, then skipping is also a good endurance exercise in your repertoire.

2) Squats
A classic from the gym, which can also be integrated at home without any problems. If you do enough repetitions, squats are very strenuous even without weight. If this variation is too easy for you, then you can try one-leg squats or work with lunges.

3) Burpees
If you are mainly interested in burning calories, Burpees are a good choice. In this exercise you lie down on your stomach, stand up again and then jump up. The whole thing is repeated several times. Since the exercise moves the whole body, it especially trains the cardiovascular system.

4) Push-ups
If you want to build up a muscular chest, you can also simply use the tried and tested push-up at home in your free time. Especially in the beginning, the exercise is completely sufficient to tire the chest muscles. If you are already more advanced, you can put your hands further down or try one-armed push-ups.

5) Pull-ups
If you want a strong and muscular back without going to the gym for exercise, there is no getting around pull-ups. Especially the back muscles are almost always trained with dumbbells or machines. If you have a stable bar or similar in your house or garden, you do not need any equipment to perform the exercise. If you do not have that, you can invest in a mobile pull-up bar for hanging up. But watch out: pull-ups are not for beginners! You should start by hanging from the bar in the high position and then slowly let go to build up the necessary basic strength.
HIT- Training - Sport for at home / Woman does push-ups© undrey / depositphotos

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