Avoid packaging when shopping - use your own containers

How to avoid packaging waste when shopping

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It is not so easy to act environmentally conscious. An uncomplicated way to protect the environment compared to other alternatives is to avoid unnecessary packaging when shopping. For this purpose you can take your own containers with you when you go shopping and use them. The following paragraphs will show you how best to avoid rubbish when shopping for food and drink.
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Reducing waste in everyday life and leisure

More and more often people try to reduce waste in their everyday life and leisure time. This not only relieves their own household, but also protects the environment. The high production and the usually careless disposal of plastic and paper, as well as the associated environmental pollution, place a considerable burden on ecosystems.

For this reason, more and more people are making efforts to avoid waste in their everyday lives. However, plastic and paper packaging is part of our everyday life and it is not easy to change old habits. Producing less rubbish in everyday life and leisure time starts with shopping: Most food is packed in paper or plastic. Then they are transported home in plastic bags. At first you can take cloth bags and your own containers such as Tupperware with you when you go shopping.

Unpackaged shops - One of the ways you can reduce waste in your everyday life and leisure
For the environmentally conscious who want to reduce waste, many cities already have shops where food and even drinks are offered unpackaged. In these so-called unpackaged shops, as well as in many organic markets, superfluous packaging is consistently avoided. The concept here is that customers bring their own reusable containers to the store and can transport them in them. Many such shops are now enjoying increasing popularity.

How you can best reduce waste while shopping
The purchase of food and drink accounts for a particularly large proportion of the plastic waste per capita produced each day. Non-reusable paper packaging also contributes to the pollution of the environment and the production of waste in the own household. Think for example of shrink-wrapped cucumbers, plastic bottles for your drinks and plastic bags for apples or bananas. To avoid these, you can bring your own containers for shopping. These are usually reusable containers, such as Tupperware cans or cloth bags.

Reduce waste when eating, drinking and cooking in the household
You can also avoid rubbish in the house with a few simple tips. Use sustainable glass or Tupperware containers to store spices such as salt, sugar and pepper. You can also drink water from the tap instead of using plastic bottles. By buying reusable containers for storing food and drink, you can also reduce your use of aluminium foil. This storage has several advantages, as the containers are usually resealable.

Due to a growing environmental awareness in society and the need to reduce waste when shopping, storing it in your own home and cooking, more and more opportunities for waste avoidance are being created. Bringing your own reusable packaging to the shops is a first step in this direction. In this way you can avoid rubbish in the house and when cooking, make a contribution to protect nature and save money.
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A few more tips on how to avoid rubbish in everyday life and leisure
Buy liquid products, if possible, in bottles instead of jars. Use reusable containers for shopping and for storing food in the house. Avoid disposable bottles and cans when shopping for drinks. You can also reduce waste in the bathroom by using solid soaps for showering and bathing instead of plastic-wrapped shower gels and shampoo bottles.

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