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New decade - new body awareness!

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Good intentions are piling up: Finally do something for your body! But now really lose weight! Diets and dietary trends are a popular topic of conversation around the turn of the year, as they are every year. And of course everyone wants to start the new decade with a healthy, fit body. What are the diet trends 2020? How will food and drink change?
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Leisure, food and drink: The trend barometer of dietary trends 2020
The time of contemplation and feasting is over, the days are getting longer and most people are tired of doing nothing after the winter days. If a pair of trousers also fits a little tighter, the motivation for a lasting change increases. Unfortunately, stamina is the biggest catch for those willing to diet. The dietary trends of the new decade are therefore clearly no longer strict food bans and abstinence: the focus is on a long-term healthy lifestyle that can be maintained both at work and in leisure time.

Old acquaintances and new decisions:

Counting points, counting calories, eating according to the traffic light principle - the successfully established diets such as Weight Watchers, Mediterranean Diet, Low Carb or losing weight with the blood group diet are experiencing a revival on the one hand, but on the other hand they also had to change their image in order to remain in the market. Because the people who want to lose weight in 2020 often already know a lot about nutrition. Eating and drinking are part of their leisure time, they are more concerned with nutrition.

On the one hand, the people who want to lose weight want great flexibility - but on the other hand they also want clear, concrete guidelines for action. Every decision that needs to be made costs time and energy. And what robs time and energy is missing in leisure time. The diet trends for 2020 must therefore find a balance between instructions for action and self-determination.

Some of them succeed very well - for example, there is a new, more flexible points system in Weight Watchers or in the apps for part-time fasting: some meals and behaviours are predetermined, while snacks or time management offer a certain pool of options from which to choose. As different as people's life models are, the dietary trends today must be just as differentiated.

Diet, fitness and beauty
In 2020 a diet will no longer be based on eating and drinking alone. Away from the optimization program of the last decade, there is now a clear "I do what is good for me." Never has the phrase, "You are what you eat." has never been more meaningful. People are more aware of what healthy food can do for the body - and this is reflected in the Diet Trends 2020. A good example of this is the sirtfood diet - a lifestyle that favours foods rich in sirtuins.

Sirtuins are vegetable substances that promote muscle growth and thus boost fat burning. Because sirtuins are also found in red wine and chocolate, it does not make the diet ascetic as other diets. More muscles also make for a better body feeling - and this is exactly what the Diet Trends 2020 are all about: Feeling good all round without being round!

Urban Diet Trends of the cities:
Meal Prep: Prepare your food for a week and supplement it daily with only fresh ingredients. But many people who want to lose weight are already overwhelmed by this at the beginning: Logistics and cooking interfere with leisure time. To ensure that the diet is successful, there are now several suppliers who deliver complete meals and snacks in the morning or evening for the whole week - all packaged in recyclable packaging and produced sustainably.
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Low carb, low fat or low budget, vegetarian, vegan or with meat: just as you like. During the week you can use your free time by cooking less for sports - and at the weekend you can use the healthy grill together with friends or have a delicious sirtfood evening. Losing weight should no longer be a burden in 2020, but a gain in quality of life!

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