Choose the right running clothes

How to find the right running clothes

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Running is healthy and fun. However, the latter only applies if you make this sport as pleasant as possible. For this you need one thing above all else, in addition to a beautiful route: high-quality running clothing that fits really well during the sport. You can find out here what criteria you need to select running clothing.
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Casual clothing cannot replace running clothes
The clothes you wear in your free time cannot replace high-quality and functional running clothes. For one thing, there are many annoying seams - like in classic jeans, for example. On the other hand the pieces usually fit much too tight and inflexible. Even if the button does not stretch over the stomach, you have far too little freedom of movement to exercise the sport regularly and in sufficient quantity. This is another reason why you should prefer running clothes to ordinary clothing: The materials are designed to dry quickly and allow the skin to breathe during exercise; this is not the case with street clothes.

These criteria are crucial
From the above observations, there are a number of important factors that will help you choose the right running clothes. The clothing should be as light as possible and must fit very well. In this way you can be sure that there is little wind resistance when running. In addition, the clothing must fit comfortably so that you are not constricted anywhere and allow you a high degree of freedom of movement.

When choosing the material, you should not make decisions based on purely fashionable aspects, but rather place great emphasis on the right composition. If it is a mixture of cotton and a very light synthetic material, the clothes dry quickly after exercise. Of course, the demands on workmanship and quality should also be high. After all, clothes are usually washed after running. All in all, you have to withstand many more washes than street clothes.

Selecting the right clothing according to requirements
First and foremost, the choice of the right clothing depends on when and where you want to run. If you are only in the gym on a treadmill, light and less expensive clothing is sufficient. On the other hand, if you run outside regularly, you will need one outfit for the warm season and one for the cold.
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Especially in winter and autumn, it is important that the material protects your body well against drafts so that you do not catch a cold. In summer, on the other hand, running wear should be particularly breathable and protect you from too much sun. If you can shorten the clothing if necessary, it may even be suitable for the transition and is a real all-rounder.

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