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A fresh coat of paint brings momentum to your 4 walls

With new colours you can create a different ambience

In a new house or apartment the walls are usually painted white when you move in. With decorative wall paints you give the rooms individuality and create a personal feel-good atmosphere. Maybe you simply want to redesign your four walls, bring a fresh breeze into your home? With new colours you can create a different ambience...

Taping - Does taping help against back pain?

Can cause painful complaints in case of back pain

Back pain is currently the most common health complaint in this country. The causes are divided into two categories: In the case of non-specific back pain - the most frequently occurring complaints - the cause cannot be determined exactly. Specific back problems include postural problems include postural deformity, a herniated disc or muscle tension. The pain causes additional muscular tension, so that the complaints often intensify during...

Graffiti - introduction to hobby painting

Painting with style: Graffiti as a hobby

Many people love to paint or draw in their free time. Creating graffiti is also part of painting and can be pursued as a hobby. You surely know graffiti as the more or less artistic effusions that can be found on many house walls and in most cases even represent damage to property. But spraying graffiti can also be done legally, in your free time and as an independent art form...

Tips against back pain

Fit in leisure time and in the garden

Almost everyone knows back pain. Lack of exercise, sitting for long periods, gardening in a stooped position or even the wrong shoes - there are many reasons why back pain can occur. About 75 percent of all Germans complain of recurring back pain. Read the following ten tips and learn how to prevent back pain! Do not be tempted to remain in a rest position because of the pain...

Charcoal pencil - introduction to hobby painting

Painting with the charcoal pencil

The perfect drawing method even for laymen - Next to paint and pencil, the charcoal pencil is probably the best known method in art. If you want to start painting in your free time, charcoal might be an interesting idea for you, because it offers many possibilities even for beginners. Looking back, painting with charcoal is probably the oldest drawing method of all...

Tips against back pain - a good mattress

The optimal mattress for a healthy back

People spend an average of 6 to 8 hours a day in bed. While sleeping, the body can recover from the stress of everyday life. Provided it lies on a good mattress and thus prevents back pain. But what should you look out for when buying a new bed base for the house and when should it be changed? This guide provides information...

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