Easy-care indoor plants

These indoor plants do not require a green thumb!

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Houseplants make every home more homely. Most people therefore love the green splendour not only in the garden, but also in the house. There is a large selection of house plants. For this reason, everyone can easily find a plant that suits their individual taste. However, especially beginners should make sure that the new roommates are not only pretty but also easy to care for.
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The elephant foot
This plant has its original name not without reason. The gnarled trunk is very broad at the lower end and is therefore reminiscent of the foot of the grey pachyderm. This undemanding houseplant grows extremely fast - both in height and width. All it needs is a bright location and plenty of warmth. As long as the soil of the elephant's foot is not too wet and there is no draught, this plant feels completely comfortable. Only in the garden it should not be placed, because temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius are not tolerated.

The ivy hen
If you don't want to simply put your houseplants on the ground, but would rather let them grow through the house, the ivy hive is a good choice. This uncomplicated houseplant needs neither much light nor is it resentful if its owner forgets to water it. Only too wet soil does not like this beauty.

The mimosa
The name is not at all programmatic for this pretty little plant. On the contrary! If you fertilize the mimosa regularly, you will have something of this undemanding plant for many years. It needs neither much light nor special care. It gets its name from the fact that it rolls up its leaves when the temperature fluctuates considerably. This behaviour reminds of a sensitive person who tries to protect himself.

The dragon tree
This tall houseplant is particularly popular and available in almost every DIY store or garden centre. No wonder, because the plant is not only beautiful to look at, but also requires almost no care. The Dragon Tree should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as it reacts to this with brown leaves.
Easy-care indoor plants - Elephant foot© sasel77 / Fotolia

Succulents These very special plants should not be missing, of course, when talking about easy-care indoor plants. In all possible shapes, colours and sizes there are the very popular succulents, which are very similar to cacti in terms of their extremely low water requirements. But one decisive detail is missing: the spines. This plant only rarely needs watering; in winter it is even sufficient to water it lightly once a month. The green all-rounders can even cope relatively well with fluctuations in temperature.

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