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Almost everyone knows back pain. Lack of exercise, sitting for long periods, gardening in a stooped position or even the wrong shoes - there are many reasons why back pain can occur. About 75 percent of all Germans complain of recurring back pain. Read the following ten tips and learn how to prevent back pain!
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Tip 1: Keep moving
Do not be tempted to remain in a rest position because of the pain. Look for ways to effectively train and build up the back muscles. Sports such as aqua gymnastics, swimming, Nordic walking or special back exercises do not overload the back, but strengthen the muscles and promote blood circulation. Health insurance companies often give recommendations or tips for special courses and even cover part of the costs.

Tip 2: Treating tension with heat
If you suffer from tension in the neck muscles, warmth can help. Wrap a hot water bottle with a damp cloth and place it on the painful areas. The warmth relaxes the muscles and helps to restore proper blood circulation. Full baths, heat plasters or ointments can also be used here.

Tip 3: Massages

Massages specifically loosen the right muscle areas, contribute to blood circulation and can thus relieve pain. Choose a physiotherapist you trust and get professional advice. They will often give you tips on how to avoid bad posture in everyday life and give your back more stability. Massages with essential oils also contribute to relaxation.

Tip 4: Weight reduction
A crucial point is also to fight overweight. If you have a tendency towards fat pads, these should be counteracted. Too much abdominal fat can force the spine into a hollow back position, which puts a permanent strain on the intervertebral discs. Healthy nutrition and sufficient exercise help you lose weight and strengthen your back. Reduce sugary foods and take in more protein - for example, through pulses, dairy products or meat. This promotes muscle building.

Tip 5: As you make your bed, so you lie...
If you often complain of back pain after waking up, this could be due to an incorrect pillow. Use a pillow that is not too high and supports the neck. Special neck pillows ensure that the head does not bend. In addition, the mattress should be chosen with a degree of firmness that matches the weight.

Tip 6: Relief exercises for the back

Small exercises that relieve the back, the back and the intervertebral discs can also be done in the evening in front of the television. The so-called "cat's hump", or hunchback, quickly leads to an improvement and relaxation of the entire back. Another possibility is to lie flat on your back and put your legs up. The lower legs should form a right angle to the thighs. This allows the intervertebral discs to fill with fluid again.

Tip 7: The right footwear
Wear comfortable shoes that do not constrict the feet or prevent them from rolling. As far as possible, avoid shoes with heels, as they cause a false posture. These can lead to a permanent malformation of the muscles. Back pain is thus virtually pre-programmed. Foot gymnastics and frequent walking barefoot, on the other hand, have a positive effect on back health.

Tip 8: Reduce stress

A hectic life can also lead to tension. This is usually manifested by headaches or back pain. Check your life for stress factors and try to eliminate them. Meditation or yoga helps to reduce stress and free the head from stressful thoughts.
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Tip 9: Tips for correct lifting
Always lift heavy things from a squatting position and keep your back as straight as possible. Hold heavy loads with both hands and carry them close to your body. Otherwise the back will quickly become overloaded.

Tip 10: Going to the doctor

If back pain becomes chronic or the pain becomes more severe, you should not hesitate too long with a visit to the doctor. The doctor can rule out diseases, diagnose slipped discs or bad posture and then prescribe the right treatment.

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