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Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter
It can never hurt to provide a few extra vitamins. But especially in hectic everyday life this is anything but easy, especially between job, household or with children in the house. But thanks to tasty smoothies you can replenish your vitamin requirements. Find out everything you need to know about smoothies.
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What are smoothies anyway?

Smoothies are in a way an "invention" from the USA, where so-called juice bars have been very popular for a long time. The name "smoothie" is derived from the English word "smooth", which means creamy, fine or even. Originally, mainly fruits were mashed small with a blender or a blender, but nowadays almost everything can be mashed small and called a smoothie. Whether it's green tea, various fruits, vegetables, milk or yoghurt - here you can be creative.

Why are smoothies so healthy?
As described above, smoothies are rich in vitamins, nutrients and healthy minerals, depending on the ingredients you put in the smoothie. The secret of the vitamins is simply the way they are prepared: unlike traditional juice, with a smoothie you process all the fruit/vegetables, or the edible parts of them. In this way the important vitamins are preserved and ensure that you get a real bomb of vitamins.

Especially in autumn and winter, a daily smoothie can help strengthen your immune system and help you cope better with colds etc. For your first smoothie blends you don't need an expensive smoothie maker, but you can use a hand blender and have your first experiences. Fortunately, a smoothie is prepared very quickly, so you can drink it in the morning before work. Thanks to its viscous texture, which you can liquefy with either water, milk or yoghurt, a smoothie also satiates very well and prevents the dreaded ravenous hunger pangs.

You may also have seen finished smoothies in the refrigerated section of various stores. However, a number of tests have shown that it makes more sense to prepare a smoothie fresh at home. Firstly, you know exactly what goes into the smoothie, and secondly, the finished smoothies contain fewer vitamins and have added sugar or other sweeteners. In addition, home preparation is often cheaper.

Simple recipe ideas

Have you become curious about a smoothie, but do not yet have a good idea how to prepare it? Maybe some recipe ideas will help you. For a tasty and rich breakfast smoothie you need: some oat flakes, hot water, fresh strawberries (or other berries, or in winter: frozen berries), half a vanilla pod, a few dried dates and chilled red fruit juice. Here you can take currant juice or cherry juice, for example. Put the oat flakes in a bowl, then add the hot water to let the oat flakes swell for at least 10 minutes.

Tip: tender oat flakes taste particularly good. Wash the fresh strawberries or defrost the frozen goods, cut the vanilla pod lengthwise so that you can scrape out the pulp. Use a small, sharp knife for this. Cut the dates open and remove the stones. Now put all ingredients in a food processor or puree them as finely as possible with a hand blender.
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Add some red fruit juice again and again during the mixing and puree everything further until you get a creamy and smooth mixture. Now you can fill the smoothie into glasses and enjoy it immediately. This smoothie, for example, has only 165 calories, but has a protein content of 3.4 g and 31.5 g carbohydrates, and a fat content of 1.7 grams. The smoothie is therefore ideal for your start to the day. If you do not like dates, you can replace them with figs.

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