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Creative ideas for self-made pallet furniture

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You are in line with the trend if you make furniture for house and garden from wooden pallets yourself! It is considered environmentally friendly to give pallets a new purpose through upcycling. Tables, chairs, benches and shelves are particularly popular. The raised bed in the garden can also be made of pallets. Leisure time, some craftsmanship and suitable tools are required. Let us inspire you!
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Using pallets in their raw state for setup is not a good idea. Splinters of wood pose a risk of injury. It is also difficult to remove dust from untreated pallets. Anyway, already used pallets are usually unsightly and dirty. So think carefully whether the pallets you choose are suitable for pallet furniture. As good as new pallets are easier to clean, sand down and paint or glaze. You can buy pallets in DIY stores and garden centres. Browse the local classifieds in your spare time!

prepare pallets
A high-pressure cleaner is very useful. If you don't have one at hand, you can scrub the pallets clean with water and brush in your spare time. Then let the wood dry well before sanding it. Do not forget to remove protruding nails beforehand! If you want to make your own pallet furniture for the garden, you should paint the wood and make it waterproof. White is a popular colour. If you like the natural wood look, use a transparent wood glaze.

Pallet sofa for the living room
Making a sofa yourself is a popular project that allows you to create a comfortable interior. You can use it to furnish a reading or television corner. The pallet furniture promises relaxing hours. You will need wooden pallets, saw, screws and screwdrivers. Think in advance what the finished sofa should look like and make a drawing. The pallets must be cut to the right size and assembled. Some screws stabilize the construction. Pallet cushions provide comfort. These are available for the interior and for the garden. It goes without saying that your pallet furniture can also be placed in the garden.

Make pallet table yourself
A table could consist of two Euro pallets stacked on top of each other, which are fixed with a few screws. You can use a glass top as a table top. To avoid damaging the floor, screw suitable castors to the bottom of the table. The pallet furniture can then be easily moved and positioned where you need it in your free time so that you can comfortably place your tea.

Pallet rack shelf as decoration
Pallet furniture, with which you furnish yourself, you can make yourself according to your individual needs. For example, pallet racks can be used for shoes, bottles, books or decorative items. You have a free choice of size. The pallets can be used as a whole or cut to size. Pallet drawers, which you can buy in your spare time, provide storage space.

Vertical flowerbed
Thanks to their special shape, pallets can be transformed into a rustic plant shelf. Even on the smallest balcony or terrace, such a shelf has enough space and you always have your herbs close at hand. You also need narrow slats, mulch foil, gravel and earth for this project.

The pallet is reinforced with floor boards, so that boxes are created in the spaces between them, which can be covered with foil. The foil must be fixed with nails or staples. The work is faster if you use finished pallet inserts! The gravel first enters the boxes in a thin layer. This layer prevents waterlogging. Now you can fill in the soil and insert the plants or sow seeds. Remember to secure the shelf well!
Pallet furniture self-made - Pallet furniture in the living room© photographee.eu / depositphotos

Fasten it to the wall or screw two squared timbers under the pallet furniture for a secure stand. You can make a raised bed for the garden and terrace yourself from several pallets and a correspondingly large sheet of plastic film. You then have more space for plants in the bed and in the boxes on the sides.

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