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These gazpacho recipes will bring a kick to your kitchen

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For those who love modern Mediterranean cuisine, Spanish gazpacho offers a great way to prepare healthy and delicious dishes. Especially in summer the soup tastes both hot and cold and brings a lot of variety. So that the gazpacho doesn't get boring at the dining table too quickly, here are three great recipes that you can cook up quickly and easily.
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The classic gazpacho soup
This recipe forms the basis for most variants that can be created in no time at all. You only need two red and yellow peppers, one cucumber, six tomatoes and one onion to prepare it. To make the soup nice and liquid and to make the portions large enough, you also need half a litre of tomato juice. The vegetables are cut into large cubes and pureed in the juice. You can refine the soup with garlic, paprika spice and honey as you like. Here the imagination knows no bounds.

Sweet recipe for hot days: Gazpacho with melon

If you like exotic dishes, the following variation of the popular Spanish soup is certainly an absolute highlight. All you need is a fresh watermelon. This should be able to provide at least 800 to 900 grams of fine flesh. You also need two tomatoes, 100 millilitres of tomato juice and a small pepper. The recipe is prepared in the same way as the classic recipe above. Cut all ingredients into small pieces and add them to the tomato juice. Then you can puree the mixture coarsely or finely - just as you like it.

The recipe with that certain something

If you want to make a strong variation on the classic gazpacho recipe, a variant with walnuts and cucumbers is a good idea. Not only the taste of the soup changes here, but even the colour. In this case you don't need tomato juice, but use 80 grams of low-fat yoghurt, 60 grams of walnuts and two cucumbers to make a creamy mixture. You will also need half a bunch of spring onions, a few ice cubes and some fresh mint.
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Olive oil ensures that the summery soup tastes even finer and is more filling. Peel the cucumbers and cut them into large cubes. Then mix the cubes into a homogenous mass using a food processor. If it is particularly hot outside, you can add a few ice cubes - this makes the dish even more refreshing! However, this last step should only be carried out before consumption. Otherwise the delicious soup could dilute. The individual portions are garnished with a little fresh mint.

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