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Climbing in the franconian Switzerland

Paradise with about 6000 routes to climb on about 1000 rocks

Franconian Switzerland offers numerous possibilities for climbing, various steep slopes in different difficulty ranges are waiting for beginners and advanced climbers in Germany's most famous climbing area. The Franconian Switzerland, a climbing paradise with about 6000 routes to climb on about 1000 rocks. The limestone rocks of Franconian Switzerland with edges...

Sports shoes in test - Expensive or cheap

Do sports shoes have to be expensive?

Whether for sports or leisure: perhaps you are also faced with the decision to buy a new sports shoe. This often raises the question of whether the sports shoe should be cheap or expensive. This is a question that often divides the minds. The following text tries to answer this question accordingly: What is important for sports shoes in general? So if you want to go out and buy a sports shoe for...

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