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Tree house - From a child's dream to a bedroom in the trees

Do you have a big tree in your garden with a thick trunk?

Is the dream of many children and if you as parents have enough space in your garden, you can playfully fulfill this dream for your child. Children need space and room to let their imagination run wild. So what better way than a tree house to create this opportunity for the child? If you have the necessary facilities, you can either build the tree house yourself or purchase a ready-made kit in retail stores...

Fresh herbs from our own cultivation

Herb diversity from your own garden

Growing herbs in your own garden has many advantages. Stroke your hand over your herbs and enjoy their fragrance. With these spices you can give your dishes a very special finesse. If you don't have a garden, you can cultivate most herbs in a flower pot on the balcony...

How do I plant an apple tree?

Planting an apple tree: that's the way to do it!

Planting an apple tree in your own garden is a great way to make your outdoor leisure time even more effective. Firstly, an apple tree is a real eye-catcher when it grows and flourishes and secondly, fresh apples from your own harvest still taste best. If you are planting a fruit tree for the first time, the following tips may help you...

Fighting wasps in the garden

So wasps have no chance in the garden

Actually, insects in the garden are a good thing. Bees pollinate the flowers, worms dig up the soil and ants transport plant waste away. However, if the animal visitors are wasps, most garden owners only want one thing: to get rid of the stinging beasts quickly! The following text explains how this can be achieved...

Tips for a summer party for children

That's how the garden party becomes an unforgettable experience

When the sun laughs from the sky in summer, the birds sing and the temperatures climb up, then it cannot be missed: a summer party for the children. With these tips, the party in your own garden is quickly organised and will be remembered by your kids and their friends for a long time. Fact is: the right decoration is the be-all and end-all of any party, as it gives the party the right setting...

Create waters in your own garden

Creating a pond in the garden quickly and easily

Many people dream of their own little pond or a waterfall in the garden, but do not dare to implement this project. It is very simple and does not even have to cost a lot of money. You should, however, consider beforehand whether the garden pond will only be an ornament or whether it should be filled with fish later...

Three quick buffet ideas for your garden party

Time for an unforgettable summer

We have been waiting for summer for what feels like an eternity, finally it is here. Lazy summer evenings make you want to spend time together and preferably outside. There are many occasions for a garden party. Of course there is no garden party without a buffet! As a host you want to have something from the evening yourself and not be busy running back and forth all evening...

Cornhole - throwing sandbag in your own garden

The leisure sport from the USA for the garden

Sport in leisure time is fun and healthy - that much is clear. But what if the usual games in the garden become boring and you are therefore looking for alternatives? Then Cornhole is the perfect alternative! This new leisure sport is already extremely popular in the USA and is gaining more and more followers in Germany as well. Here you can read why...

Homemade pallet furniture

Creative ideas for self-made pallet furniture

You are in line with the trend if you make furniture for house and garden from wooden pallets yourself! It is considered environmentally friendly to give pallets a new purpose through upcycling. Tables, chairs, benches and shelves are particularly popular. The raised bed in the garden can also be made of pallets. Leisure time, some craftsmanship and suitable tools are...

Herbs in the house prefer

Prefer garden herbs on the windowsill

Your own herbs and spices can be preferred on the windowsill. The plants can later be planted in the garden or further cultivated on the balcony. If you do not have this possibility, you can simply leave the potted herbs on the windowsill. The selection of herbs that can be preferred from seeds is larger than the range of herbs available in supermarket...

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